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  • Wow that's twisted...and you spoiled it for me! I'm definitely watching it, even though that sounds twisted - this will test how much gore I can handle...

    Any other animes you can recommend?
    No I haven't, it sounds interesting though - what's it about? Bring on the depressing story, blood and gore!
    I predict she will either become a temporary teammate or just spy...

    Lol - I'm from London irl so yay! :p
    Yeah sure it's fine! I wanted that anyway!

    Cool! Thanks for the heads up. You know, Grace is looking for Silver...oh wait, I forgot - your Grace!
    Lol I hate it how cartoon network got rid of yj, tt and gl. I was so upset when I found out - I know superboy was to.

    They replaced teen titans with teen titans go and made young justice have a crossover with it. Can you believe it?
    Tbh I'm not really which one is better - teen titans had brother blood, slade, trigon while young justice had other parts thst were amazing as well. I prefer tt robin to yj robin. Definitely with bb as well. What about you?
    I was planning on summarizing the volleyball game, considering how long it would take to finish it, and the next part on the beach will require Metzli to be conscious. We could save that for when Metzli goes on her next mission.
    Thank you. Hopefully it gets more interesting as things progress.
    Aya doesn't understand a lick of it xD The plot point I was using was that Metzli's tome is written in a language that comes from wherever the rifts originated. To any Riftwalker, it sounds familiar; the fact that Metzli can understand it shows a testament to her intelligence.
    By the way: new Legendary Gijinka are still unauthorized, so... would you mind getting rid of the post? I thought it would be better to use the older characters first, then start using the Legendary Gijinka once they'd encountered them. You know what? Never mind. It's alright. It'd just be nice if Marius posted so we could get through with the initial characters' story.
    Just wondering: did the non-player character you used actually die? There's no way in hell the researchers for Project E would let that happen (no scientist would approach them without any form of defense, and they wouldn't hesitate to use lethal force if any of the Gijinka were about to kill a researcher). Legendary Gijinka will get the opportunity to inflict destruction. But you should be patient first, because they haven't had the slightest chance of being free yet.
    No problem with that. I wanted your permission to use that tome as a plot point later on.
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