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Recent content by Taengoo

  1. Taengoo

    The Rowan University OOC Thread.

    Yes, you're completely welcome to do so on my part :-)
  2. Taengoo

    Sign Ups Kalos Invitational: The Comeback

    Name: Lee Yoobin Age: 19 Gender: Female Appearance: Though Yoobin stands at 5'5", her build makes her seem smaller. She has a bit of a resting bitch face, and generally has an intimidating look to her. Her hair is cut into a short, messy bob that is dyed a faded magenta hue, and her wardrobe...
  3. Taengoo

    Sign Ups Tales From Alola

    Name: Yoohyeon Kim Gender: Female Age: 19 Hometown: Malie City Appearance: Yoohyeon stands at 5'7", but her long limbs make her seem taller than she actually is. Her hair is long enough to reach past her shoulders and is dyed a faded silver. Yoohyeon tends to dress in a tomboyish fashion on a...
  4. Taengoo

    Start Ups The Rowan University of Pokemon Studies.

    "My roommate just ditched me," Byulyi grumbled to her newly-released partner Pokemon, Yoobin, the oddly colored Zoroark simply giving her a curious look. The silver-haired female let out a sigh, running a hand through her darker roots. "Fantastic. Just great." She glanced towards the door...
  5. Taengoo

    Start Ups The Rowan University of Pokemon Studies.

    "My sister and I grew up in Unova, but we were born in Johto," Minhyuk explained, proceeding to unpack his belongings. "We're here for a fresh start more than anything, though."
  6. Taengoo

    Start Ups The Rowan University of Pokemon Studies.

    “Okay then, good talk,” Byulyi muttered under her breath upon noticing Edgar’s very apparent noncommittal willingness to continue the conversation. If her roommate wanted to ignore her the entire time, so be it. Two could play at that game, and it wasn’t like she didn’t already practice on her...
  7. Taengoo

    Start Ups The Rowan University of Pokemon Studies.

    Minhyuk had managed to shake his twin awake early enough to make it through the Professor's little spiel on the Academy's rules, and though the two of them still felt beyond exhausted, they were ready to get moving to their dorm. The twins respectively were always skeptical of same-sex rooming...
  8. Taengoo

    Start Ups The Rowan University of Pokemon Studies.

    Moon Byulyi and Minhyuk’s plane from Unova had touched down a few hours prior, and so the fraternal twins had made their way to Building 3C long before the other students. Right now, Minhyuk was sitting upright in one of the chairs, whilst Byul was slumped lazily against him. Both were trying...
  9. Taengoo

    Sign Ups The Gijinka Project

    Might I be able to reserve Zekrom?
  10. Taengoo

    Sign Ups The Rowan University of Pokemon Studies.

    Name: Moon “Byul” Byulyi Age: 17 Gender: Female Sexuality: Quite definitely gay. Appearance: Personality: An outgoing introvert if there ever was one. She is often thought to be rather standoffish and untouchable, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Byulyi wears her heart on her...
  11. Taengoo

    At World's End

    wHOOPS i didn't have internet sorry D: "You didn't tell me she was gonna be here," the older looking guy groaned, rubbing his temple in irritation. "You had one job, man. One!" Shaking his head in exasperation, he glanced back up at Umbra and Kovu, scoffing. "Whatever. I'll just deal with this...
  12. Taengoo

    Sign Ups Terra Nova

    Name: Taeyeon "Tae" Lee Age: 22 Appearance: Skills: Tae's specialty lays in magic, as she's shown to have a distinct affinity for animals and nature. She naturally can understand other animals, and has the ability to switch between three forms: her default human form, a snow leopard, and...
  13. Taengoo

    At World's End

    "Excuse me!" Kovu yelled into the crowd, collecting as loud a presence as his voice could muster. "On behalf of the Bounty Hunter's Association, I must inform you that there is a bomb in the vicinity. This is not a drill! I repeat, there is a bomb in the vicinity! I implore you to evacuate...
  14. Taengoo

    Sign Ups Antithesis

    Apologies, my power went out for three days due to heavy snowfall. I should have startup out by tomorrow night.
  15. Taengoo

    At World's End

    "I've heard they're real pretty," said a darker-skinned man walking up behind the trio. A second, nearly identical man joined him, offering the girls a rueful grin. "Are you ready to celebrate the night, amigas?" "I have a really bad feeling about this," Umbra hissed to Kovu, who sighed in...