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  • Hey, sorry I had to log off at that time. I added you, and my FC is 1547-5965-3689. Send me back a VM when you're available!
    GE1 and Burst had good reception here so I think they'll launch it too >:p, they're just taking their time :sweatlol:. A lot of games get launched several months after Japan so my hopes are still up, I'll try to import it either way.. But I won't be able to use the multiplayer and that sucks :(

    My mind's still blank about it. But I'll try to look for a good one with multiplayer 'cause heck, who don't like to play with friends? :p Dragon's Crown and Silent Hill Book of Memories look awesome ^^
    Something you can recomend me?
    really now? Yay! I think it's availble through the shop or something :p I just played it in a friend's psp since I was really poor to buy one. At least I'll have someone to play with when they decide to release GE2.
    Heck yeah~! Please tell me you have God Eater.. :'(. rofl, looks like we have really influencing friends~ What have you been playing? I hope there are good multiplyer games >:D

    I forgot to ask if you want her nicknamed or something :eek: Since I guess you're going for a competitive one ^^
    Yay! :p I have two people now ^^ What games are cool for you? Say fighting ones, say fighting ones, say fighting ones :XD2:
    I planned on getting Fuuko too, got a liking for all, but heck.. Feene is badass :p

    Thanks for the T-Rexy! I'll try to kick asses with him ^^
    Crap I have the 3DS version, I don't see any differences though :p Gonna try to get Feene?
    I'm planning on getting a Vita soon, you better add me eh? :3
    Ok, let me get online :p
    ..! No way.. You played the game too? :'D My true bro! ^^ PSVita or 3DS?
    No worries, I understand. Holidays were pretty busy for us too. I actuall just got out of surgery not but like four hours ago, lolz.
    Hey, im sorry, i fail with mention tags...would have let you know sooner but you know how the holidays are.

    Anyway, i posted in the rp a few days ago. Didnt know if you noticed, so i wanted to make sure. :D
    Hey, is everything going alright? I'm more than certain you're aware of the National Park run, but I just wanted to check in and make sure everything is okay! :>
    Oh, well, uh, I kindof went ahead and signed up for an Indiv run instead and it's just started so, I don't think I'll be able to Team RP any time soon... Sorry ^_^; Thanks for the offer, though :)
    Hi Taither, just thought I'd drop a VM in case you'd forgotten about the Team Run to Oktori... ^_^;; I mean, it's totally cool with me to wait longer if you need some time and stuff, but I thought I'd check to make sure. :)
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