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  • Precisely! I guess if either of us were mature as we are 'supposed' to be, we wouldnt even be having this conversation.

    Heh you're welcome. Just telling the truth. Though why would you have to wait? Is a little confused...
    Well, we cant help but mature physically, but mentally? Thats down to choice.
    I like to think Im still slightly immature. Makes everything more fun!

    Hehe Im glad you did decide to put them up. I can see now exactly why you would get asked out alot. You're certainly the prettiest girl in any of your pics.
    Oh, ok I thought the last one may have been him.
    Well, admittedly, during high school I didnt put friendship first. I just asked out whoever I thought was hot. It wasnt til after high school that I matured (just a little). Im glad I did though.
    But alot of guys your age would looka t you and just see the pretty face, and not care what else is underneath. Its unfortunate, but thats the way it is. But for every guy like that, theres one who actually values personality over looks. Thats the kinda guy you would be happiest with, I think.
    Ah, busy, forgetful, same difference, really. :p
    As long as yo do get back to me, Im not too bothered how long it takes.

    Uh...like me? Im not sure if I understand you, there...how am I different to other blokes?
    Well, best of luck with your romantic endeavours! I hope all goes well for you. ^_^
    Your fine, Talia, dont worry. Like Ive said, its not the end of the world if you take your time getting back to me. I figure your just busy.
    Ive found having a basis in friendship makes the relationship that much stronger. Ive been with Jessi for almost 3 years, and we were mates before that. All my other (failed) relationships didnt have friendship behind them.
    He would have to be insane not to like you the same way. Go for it! And tell me how it goes.
    Haha oh, so you are still alive? Good to know ;p

    Aw thats nice...its always nice to have a childhood sweetheart. Its like something from a movie. But he gets shy with you? Do you think that he knows that you like him that way? Coz if not, maybe you should just tell him. That might get him to open up.
    We've got to post more often before things get more dismal than they are >_> And that's actually a good idea. I should talk with my teachers about it :p The tuba does make awesome sounds. I can play some pretty cool songs also :p
    Sorry it took so long to get back to you DX Yeah I was in band for a long time (5 years) but my current school doesn't have a band. I remember band being the best class ever. I play the tuba, BTW. Also, I've been noticing the pokeshipping thread has been slowly dying >_> I hope some more people start posting.
    Oh dont worry, ull get one! I never forget my friends birthdays! And thankyou for the belated bday wishes! I just had a family dinner for my bday...next year is the big one.
    No probs...just ur very pretty, Id thought u would get guys asking u out alot. How come theres not many blokes at ur school? Do u go to a private girls schoool or something?
    I wish I could offer advice on meeting guys, but I met my gf in high school and started dating her shortly after graduating, so I dont have much experience there...Im sure ull find a great guy soon if u look for one!
    Believe it or not, I love math xD I think it's just because I'm good at it though. My favorite non-acedemic class though is band. Love that class :p Also, do you know why RainbowMoondust was banned? I looked through her posts and none of them seem spammy or anything. If you know anything that'd be great, she's like my best friend.
    Right! Ill send that invite now!
    Ah, so ur bday is in Autumn for me...Ill try to remember that. Aw thats too bad...and a lil surprising tbh :p
    Unfortunately, winter is over now...but spring is even better! Mainly coz my bday is in spring...Do u have a someone sweet to cuddle?
    Haha well, Ill send u an invite then!
    Winter?! Oh, right...I keep forgetting that ur seasons are the opposite of Australias...Yeah, we just finished Winter here, and sitting inside in the warm, cuddling a special someone...thats one of the best feelings in the world, in my opinion.
    Going outside in the cold sucks though. It must be worse for u...as it snows in America.
    Well, if u want a Weedle licky, why not ask one of my group if they will make one? I made a Social Group specifically for Licky fans. I can send u an invite for ir if u want.
    Mainly to just get out of high school. I hate it so much! And I've taken college classes so I know that they're better :p What is your favorite subject?
    I started a while ago, actually. Unfortunately I have to go to a secondary school, but hey, it's better than homeschool XD What grade are you in? I'm in 11th but hopefully if I work hard enough I'll graduate at the end of this school year.
    Ah dont worry, its fine...I miss VMs all the time.
    Aw damn, back to school...might be good to have a break from parties though. And homework can be interesting.
    Ive been spending the last few weeks looking for a new job, and I recently had my birthday! Yay! Other than that...nah havnt been upto much :p
    Well, if u like my avatar, maybe u could get a Licky too! U could look for a Weedle one, or ask someone to make u one!
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