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  • Hey I was afraid u werent with us anymore :p Im glad to see I was mistaken!
    Ive been quite well, thanks. How have u been? What have u been upto?
    Heheh thanks! I wish I could claim credit for it, but it was made by a friend.
    I'm alright. I started back to school last week. College is very different from High School. I hope your family issues get better. =)
    Agro...um I guess its an Aussie (i.e lazy) way of saying aggravated. We tend to shorten alot of words...

    Haha why thanks u! Yeah, most people here are pretty cool, but, as in every community, there are a few loopers running around.
    Oh what a sacrifice! Ur giving up spending money in order to relax? That must be hell for ya haha

    Yeah, well, I just finished my first week back, and learnt absolutely zero. It was all recaps...3 solid days of having to listen to stuff I already know...
    Bet u cant wait to head back yourself, aye?
    Haha yeah Im usually a pretty relaxed person. Sure, i get agro sometimes, but not over something like late messages on a website.

    Ah its good that ur getting some time to unwind. And, i know ur awesome. I gathered that just from talking to ya ;D
    So anything major planned for the rest of ur holidays? Or will u just be kicking back and taking it easy?

    I tell ya, I so did not miss TAFE. First day was a few lecturers talking for hours about stuff I already know...the Advanced Class does not need recaps! Oh well, 10 weeks and Im on break again!
    Haha its ok...I dont expect replies immediately anyway. So how have u been? What have u been upto?

    Seems like a strange system. Most projects require referencing...and wouldnt that show up against the program?

    Unfortunately, being a mid-year break and not a summer break, it only goes for two weeks. I go back on tuesday.
    Haha thanks ^^ idk if id call it admirable...more stubborn...I didnt want to leave school yet, and I wanted to prove my dad wrong.

    I guess u have a point, but weVe evolved quite a bit since cavemen. Well, most of us have anyway. I know a few people who wouldnt look out of place in a museum display...

    And submitting work over the web proves its not plagirised? Not sure if I understand how that works...

    Im in my second year of study. Well, Im on break atm, but Ill go back in a week or so.
    Ah nah I didnt go to a special school or anything, just a public school. However, I wasnt really committed to it, and when enrolment for grade 12 came up my parents said they wouldnt pay for it. So i got a job and payed for it myself.

    Haha my girlfriends the same. She doesnt like KFC anyway, except for the potato and gravy, so Im not allowed to tell her how its made. Coz if u knew, u wouldnt eat it.

    U need ur computer alot for school then? Its been a few years since I was in high school...
    Nah, I'm probably gonna go to the local community college and take my basics before I decide what I'm gonna do. I do, plan on moving out of the county...whenever I can support myself. =P
    No. I was born in Georgia and lived there for the first six months of my life, then I moved to Kentucky. Stayed here ever since. Yay US. =P
    Yeah I hated working there. Unfortunately, I needed a job to pay for grade 12 (my parents refused to pay) and that was the first place to accept me. I quit when I graduated though. To this day, I cant eat KFC, partly because I know how its made, and also because the smell disgusts me now.

    Well, I look forward to seeing ur work ^^ I hope u get ur computer organised soon.
    Ah I used to work at KFC...though not for very long.
    Yeah, Id very much like to see ur work. When u get them on ur computer, PM me for sure ^^
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