• Snowy sets out into the Wild Area and encounters a giant Pokemon lurking in a den. Watch here as Snowy goes head to head with the massive Pokemon.
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  • I put up my story in the writers workshop, and I have another chapter up that turned out amazingly. The series/collection is called Rage of the Elements. Please read and comment!
    haha I doubt ud get many drunk people in a cafe or clothes shop or something...u may have to deal with shop-lifters though. Every field of work has its associated criminals, and theres also general drop-kicks to account for.

    Having a REAL job isnt too bad. Provided u can get up early every day and work for 8-10 hours...the waking up early bit always throws me. I am so not a morning person. But a steady income and life experiences u get from them are always a plus ^^

    Wow u really are quite talented, arent u? Id love to see some of ur work. Idk how ud show me, but I know I wanna see it haha. Well, writing and acting in ur own work would certainly be hard work, but if ur good enough, The rewards will certainly be worth it.
    Well, I personally try to hurt any racists I come across...I cant stand judgemental people, or those who think they r superior simply because of their DNA.

    Waitressing aye? That should be fun. Though I used to work in a pub, and that wasnt much fun at all...still, u wont have to deal with drunk bogans haha.

    Mmm job security is so hard to come by, I thought I would enter fields that we will always need; we will always need new buildings, and we will always need law enforcement.

    I just saw that u wrote ur future plans in a previous VM. Did u edit it in, or did I simply miss it the first time? Either way, it sounds like u have a bright future ahead of u. Do u do much writing? Like, fiction, or articles, stuff like that? Do u do much acting aswell?
    New Jersey aye? Nice. I havent seen Jersey Shore, but I have seen The Sopranos ^^
    Thats set in New Jersey.
    Ah Im glad we Aussies have a good rep overseas. Provided ur not Middle-Eastern or Indian, u shouldnt have a problem with us.
    For the record, Im not one of the racist Aussies, but most are.
    What kinda summer job are u aiming for? Im planning on moving to America when Ive done my police training, so its good to know there is demand for all the fields Im in there.
    Sweet. Whereabouts in the US r ya? Im an Aussie ^^ West Aussie to be exact. Ah well, if u have plenty of time to see mates, it cant be that bad. But having a summer job would make it that much easier to do stuff over the summer.
    Im finishing up an Architectural Drafting course at college, and then Im going to start training for the Police. But right now, I do work as a landscaper, helping out my dad.
    What do u plan to do when u leave school?
    Yay! haha...well, that must suck, having nothing to do but just chill. Ah so if its summer where u are...are u in America? I have a few friends there...
    Im on a break from college atm, but I still have a part-time job taking up too much of my time.
    So what have u been doing this summer? Got any plans?
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