• Magnificent Entertainer faces off against Fantina for his third Gym badge. Watch here as he makes way too many science fiction references.
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  • I get calls all the time, but they dont usually say anything particular. Just like 'I saw a Bulbasaur, but I missed it!' Ocasionally someone will call and ask me to battle, but I never went back to any of em so far. Haha
    Grabbed Ekans, Weedle, Sandshrew, Drowzee, and Tangela.
    For: Chimchar, Turtwig, Piplup, Stunky and Glameow. :)
    I have weedle, ekans, sandshrew, drowzee, tangela, pineco and Shuckle. Will grab 5 of em and meet you in trade if you already have those ones available for trade. :)
    The two play with other pokemon rather than each other (trying Ditto and Mew). Does that mean its not going to give me an egg? (Sorry for all the questions)
    Have a quick question for you. Is there any other way to make money in this game other than selling items/battling trainers? I have fought all the trainers in the game, so whatever money I have left is it. :p
    Still need all these ones:

    The main ones of these being:
    2) Celebi
    3) Jirachi
    4) Deoxys
    6) Darkrai
    7) Shaymin
    8) Arceus

    Others from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (we dont have GB/GBA's anymore):
    1) Regirock
    2) Regice
    3) Registeel
    4) Turtwig
    5) Chimchar
    6) Piplup
    7) Cranidos
    9) Glameow
    10) Stunky
    11) Rotom
    12) Uxie
    13) Mesprit
    14) Azelf
    15) Dialga
    17) Heatran
    18) Regigigas
    19) Giratina
    20) Cresselia
    Rephrases: Haha. What you want for Chimchar, Turtwig, Piplup, and Stunky? :) And thanks for those ones. :)
    Will take Chimchar, Turtwig and Piplup. What do you want for the Glameow, Stunky, Drifloon, and Riolu?
    It is possible. :) Ok, I added your friend code. Do you have mine from the post or do you need it again?
    Forgot I made my Caterpie evolve all the way up to Butterfree, give me a few more mins to get a Caterpie egg. Sorry its taking me so long.
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