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  • Hello, sorry i haven't been on for a long time, i have been taking a break from pokemon, because i got a 3ds and I've have spent a lot of time playing Zelda 3d (great game) but i would just like to let u guys know i am back on and hope to stay on for a very long time. so idk if u still have ure shamin? i doubt it though.
    oh man well lmk if you need any more breeding & remind me that you'll be off wifi for a bit so i hold onto them - and thank you too! :)
    Sorry to hear about your broken Blackberry. =[ No worries, I can find someone else. Thanks for offering to do it, though! =]
    Yeah, either day works fine for me; I'm not in a huge rush or anything. How 'bout just one time each? That way we'll have an easy trade of a full party of 6 once you're done cloning. And you can keep one for yourself too, if you'd like. The three Pokemon are: Modest Flawless Japanese Ditto, hacked shiny English flawless Ditto, and a male Smeargle I IV bred myself. Thanks!
    Hey! Sorry I wasn't on earlier, but I'm here now for the rest of the night. If you're not back tonight, tomorrow works too. =]
    Tonight should be good. I'll probably be on around 6 PM EST as well. I'll send you another VM then! Thanks so much! =]
    Hey there! Crazyyoshi recommended you as a cloner. I'm looking to get three Pokemon cloned so I can trade them to Crazyyoshi and Daena (I think you know both of them, actually XD). Let me know if you'd be willing to do it, and what I could give you in return for the cloning. Thanks! =]
    np, I need to get off now. XD My mom is saying I stay on the computer to much, and she is kinda right. Thanks, it was a random nickname. lol I'll be gone Wednesday to next Monday. :) I'll see you later beef.
    Oh yeah! I forgot that you gave me a nickname. lol kk, I'll name it BEANJUICE! XDD btw I was going to make a different shiny starter for you. Do you have a specific one you want?
    Yep, that's all for now. XD Alright, once again thank you for the cloning. :) I'll message you again when I have ziggy, and the surprise pokemon. ;)
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