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  • I think after you play it you'll like 'em more. ^^
    Most likely, though what it'll be this time is a mystery.
    My mistake, it was an artfolio. Here's some pics of it. (My sister had no interest in it, so I kept it for myself.)
    That might come from being so used to the past gens. After awhile you grow so used to them you couldn't imagine the series without them. Like Emboar and Eelektross. <3
    Same thing when the English names were revealed. Lots of people voiced how horrible or bleh they were, but after awhile they got used to them.

    The game themselves weren't bad, pretty much the standard main game. Hopefully BW2 will fix the lack of post-game stuff to do, I'm told there wasn't much. (I haven't played much beyond beating Ghetsis, so don't take my word for it 100%. xD)
    Well, I would care about the 'roaches. :uhoh: My beef with them is how they base their ratings.
    I got White the day it was released state side, and my sister got Black with the Target exclusive picture book. Are you going to get it or same your money just for Black 2 or White 2?
    Nah, I don't need the PSP version. :p I'm not going to buy a system and re-buy a game for some extras, lol
    It can be hard figuring out what to change though. What some people want to change, others want to keep. But again, gotta change something otherwise people won't want to buy it 'cause they already have it. :/
    Lol I figured you played Pokémon. xP What anime games? My sister has the Wii Animal Crossing game and we have SSBB around here somewhere, lol.
    Aw you don't have N64 anymore? :< You could buy some of the games for it on Virtual Channel, like Paper Mario. :D
    Yeah. It's a delicate balance. Too much change and you could lose your original audience and theme, but if you don't change at all you may still lose some of the originl audience for not trying to switch things up a bit.
    But that was a long time ago, right? =) (looking at your join date you've been here longer than me. xD) And now you know better. ^^

    I'll just quote myself from the "Talk to me!" group:
    What games do you like to play?
    Not really. It wasn't a horrible game, it had nice graphics. Just didn't really seem akin to previous RE games in terms of atmosphere and such.
    RE1 and RE2 seemed scary from what I saw of them, so I guess them? xD I never played or watched videos of RE0 or RE3.
    Lol, at least you all had fun playing together. xD

    And don't worry about the double post, you don't get infracted for those on profiles or in social groups. ^^ Plus this place glitches up a bunch, it's not your fault.
    Nope. It took me three times to beat the game (First time I didn't understand the battle system and fucked up; second time I just got distracted >.>), and then I didn't play again.
    In Homecoming? Yeah I remember that part. Freaky stuff the first time around. xD Lots o' fun.

    I wasn't too fond of RE5. Didn't play through the whole thing, just a few of the first levels with a friend. It just didn't have the same tone to it as previous games. But to be fair I only played RE4 all the ay through. xD
    Sounds like you and all your buddies had fun playing RE5 though.
    You meet Lina and Fia at the proper beginning of the game (not counting the prologue section, which is playable but every battle is an unloseable joker, so it's more of an intro to the battle system), then Serene in the first level, and I think Cierra in the level after that.
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