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Well Really there is not really much interesting in my life.......Everything is really boring in my life....I go to school then i have to go to school again till 9:00 PM to make up some Credits i did not get in 9th Grade...Oh about me?Well i am a 15 year old kid who lives in a boring yet simple place.I go to school like any kid and have 2 loving kind Sisters.XD I do not really have friends but i do not mind as long as I have Family and Pets.:D Well it won't hurt to make friends with people but Is just that I don't know what to talk about with people...:( Although I am kind to them and try to help them even if i do not know them...Well there goes half of my social life.:D Oh and I am in 10th Grade.XD My Personality is try to be happy even in bad and sad times.:)
Okay what i like now.>w< I really like games when i am bored.:) Of course i Play Pokemon (Although i haven't Bought Black or White since i think the Pokemon are not what they used to be...:( Well i still Play HeartGold Diamond Platinum and all the others before that one.:D Also I play games Like Mario games Or Zelda.:) Also Yoshi games but they stop making them.T__T.Mostly any Nintendo Games.Oh but i also love to play Anime games they are so cool and have great animation or plots.XD Oh and lastly i Love Anime I used to hate it but later on i love it!:D I try to watch as most as possible because they are so cool and funny:D...Sometimes Scary...:( Well that's almost all of it.:p if I have anything else to write I'll rewrite my Biography or edit it in,>:D

Umm Hanging out with Yajaira and Bianca(Sisters)
March 20
Slateport City
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