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  • Not too good at the moment.

    My laptop is dead and I have to sink in ether 100$ to get it fixed or 300$ to get a new one since mine is from 2004 and might just end up braking again after the fix. So I trying to think about which road shoudl I got down.
    Nah they wanted to make a song that was just off the wall and random due to people trying to find "Hidden meanings (mostly Paul is dead stuff)" in there songs.
    A fun fact is that the beatle in the Walrus costume in the original video for I Am The Walrus was not Paul it was John.

    It is one of my favorite songs thought and what amazes me is that only the first 2 lines where wrote on acid.
    Haha ok :p

    So you dislike 360's and PS3's? They are awful! I'm so glad someone agrees with me!

    Do you EV train your Pokemon?
    If you need anything, or have any questions, I'm free. (Because I have no life and spend all my time here.)
    What kind of football are you talking about?

    English football (Soccer)?

    or American football?
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