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  • Hi there.
    I'm ready when you are, I'm in the Other Metas room right now. Please excuse the team, it's meant to be more of a troll team than anything.
    It's not just about talent. You need skill, patience, heart, and a lot bit of luck. That's not for me to say :$ Are you going to apply again for a gym leader position? Oh, and were you ever planning on continuing that playthrough of yours? :3
    Well you have until September technically so make sure you do it thoroughly. Building and training your team well is just as fundamental as battling in this league. Otherwise we'd hold all the battles on Showdown xD. Oh, have no summer plans?
    I guess they didn't pick their battles correctly then. I welcome you to show them how it's done. Let's see how far you go. I wonder if you'll be the one to succeed me as champion.
    So are you planning on challenging the BBL anytime soon? You seemed so eager to become champion.
    Yeah, sorry about not making it at the aranged time but I can battle around now if you're up for it (or if you're not then maybe the same time tomorrow.)
    We can be flexible with the DC rule, I remember GB had a battle or two where there was a DC but he awarded the win to the challenger since they were going to win anyway. I remember you had that issue with Kestron twice so I know it can get frustrating, that's why we tell gym leaders to make sure everything is fine before they play against challengers.

    We structured the DC rule how it is because we want challengers to experience winning against the gym leader rather than just get a badge from a poor connection, we want to focus more on the experience rather than just winning. I appreciate the feedback though, got me thinking to place something to handle rematches in regards to DC's. And yeah I'll be keeping a close watch on the gym leaders to minimize DC's on our end. If you have any issues with a gym leader disconnecting let me know so that we can look into it, if necessary we can amend the rule to handle any issues.
    I'll probably be able to make it around 6 PM EST (though don't hold me to that,) see you then (hopefully.)
    Hey if you don't have the dratini anymore, you
    can just cancel my order if you don't want to
    Hi! Just dropping by to say that the Volt-Turn team you posted as a RMT thread is useful for me! Been using it and I've been winning or just people are forfeiting. Anyways, thanks! This could be my "destined strategy" or something like that XD
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