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  • Yeah i think you did say that, which is why him deciding to use a Moonblast Sylveon is slightly baffling. Maybe he just prefers the design
    Only reason i wouldn't go with Sylveon is that without Pixilate Hyper Voice which is A) strong without investment and B) sub-piercing it's subpar compared to Vaporeon, where Scald's burn is much more useful than Moonblast's SpA drops, and that if he does go for Hyper Voice and Heal Bell, crap IVs are an inevitability.
    I can do the screening right now.
    I'll be in the LC chatroom, like I said so.
    I have to go to dinner in 20 minutes, so let's make this fast.
    Thanks for the info about the natures, but i already knew that.
    Im still ready to trade whenever you are
    Hmm that's an interesting idea...haven't really considered it but I'll go read up on how to set up a server and check with the rest of the BBC mods. I know that it's been a goal to have one for Pokemon Online but don't think it got traction.
    Most people who play showdown have cart teams, and most people who play VGC test things out on showdown. There really is no way you can go wrong, so yea sounds fine. Plus if you announce it ahead of time people should already have tinkered and built teams before the start, but it's really up to your preference.

    I wasn't sure how many people you wanted, but 24 sounds good. I think with the new people in the BBC we could totally pull that.
    I like what I see. As someone who's ran two tournanents I'd like to mention it might be nice to also advertise on other sites and showdown to get the word out especially a Tournament of this scope. I also think you should allow Cart or Showdown battles as it'll be nice to use either, and some people like one better than the other, but if you really want showdown the site has a VGC and 3v3 option, so you don't have to do any cart battles if you don't want them in the tourney.

    Other than that I really like it. It should be tons of fun for everyone.
    Aight seems like a funny thing to do. I definently don't mind if you want to do that. I'll keep a look out for your video. As for his battling style it's worse than sash everything. He usually uses cheap strats or abuses evasion and moody and pretends he's better than other players because of it.
    Oh yea thanks, if I recall correctly my blog is one if the first results you see when googling Verlisfy. You thinking about making a video or blog?
    Oh yeah, I forgot about PokéJungle. Yeah, they can definitely go on the "Do not trust".
    I can do a screening match with you on Showdown! within the next hour and a half.
    If you're unavailable then, please notify me of when you will be available.
    Hi! How are you?

    I'm almost done breeding all the starters! All I have left to do now is Treecko, Turtwig, Mudkip, and Oshawott.
    I actually do not have a team ready since I wasn't expecting the screening matches to start until after the 26th. xD I'll need some time before I'm ready to take applicants.
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