• Snowy arrives in Motostoke and signs up to participate in the Gym Challenge. Watch here as Snowy encounters some rather noisy individuals in a hotel lobby.
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  • Lowkey, I barely know anyone here anymore, well, for those who change their username alot lmao! I wonder how Zima, Zexy, Gaga, Apex, Booster and the other homies are doing? ;)
    It's been forever since I last appeared on Bulbagarden! I really, really miss kickin it here with y'all real talk! Yo boi has been throu alot of stuff in his life. I don't want to go into detail. I was not banned or I was not killed by a gaint dust bunny for those who PMed me lol. I hope everything goes back to normal so I could finally be active here just like the good ol days. I also have very limited access to the internet due to laptop being KIA. I know I missed out on a ton of stuff here! So yea, I might chill here for another 30 mins to look around.
    I saw you got banned on a site with evil mods and stuff in the "warning point" thread. I feel you bro, maybe it was the same site even. So if you ramble on about how staff should be, I will understand.
    On a completely different note, a wild Ditto appeared
    Hell yea, a Ditto! *Throws a Dusk Ball*
    My main account on Twitter "@Terrellxd1992" is no longer active due to pramaban. If anyone would like to follow yo boi, my name new account is @TerryTheBuneary. I freaking love that username so much man. I might change my username on here to TerryTheBuneary as well soon lol.
    It's offical! I'll be reuniting with the fam for my birthday! Today is going to be lit af! lol.
    Yo boi hit 10K followers on Twitter a couple days ago. I'm thinking about starting a YouTube channel next year or the year after (Not quiet sure yet). I want to be a PokeTuber just like some of the homies I watch daily. If I really enjoy making bomb content, I might start doing live streams and other stuff down the road.
    If you feel old, now I'm back. :)
    Lmao! I'm just glad that most of the old users are returning to the forums. I like this new TwitterGarden updated forums, it's better than the old one.
    Holy shit! just realise that I been here for 5 fucking years! I feel old now for saying this lmao! TwitterGarden is the new trend people! :)
    what was that you were saying :p
    Yeah, make sure it doesn't have anything funny in it xD
    (Honestly I wouldn't be so surprised if glow in the dark cake existed because there could be edible version of the paint, it'd look pretty cool really)
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