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    on minecraft
    WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! do you know what this means?

    we could totally talk endlessly about our block creations! share screen shots, and other stuff. yay! do you go on any servers?
    Yeah, as I found out myself from messing around earlier today, it's a hell of a task to get a neat pose going for a serpentine creature...
    Cool. So what we got here is a Fire/Water type, working name Caessure, and it's based off these Amphibian freaks.

    Now what I don't need too much help on (yet) is this, but rather, its evolution. I'm having trouble envisioning it while making it interesting. A few things I've thought up.

    - The egg sac becomes a flame/energy core, possibly that the body is coiled around
    - The body is long and slender, lacking any sort of appendages. Something like Dragonair, only a bit skinnier than that
    - Those markings/holes on the side in the picture are from this subspecies. It's basically just to break the monotony of the body up. In-universe, they'd be where it vents out steam.
    - Cute! Gotta be cute.

    It doesn't necessarily need to have all these, except cuteness and lack of appendages. But I'm really stuck otherwise...got any ideas?
    Please join BTD5 mafia if you wanna try out a mafia, if you do we can play there are 12 spots left to fill in, in 4 days, you can try a mafia!
    What is the purpose of Cilan to the rescue! ?

    Just curious because we're trying to merge duplicate groups together and I was wondering how it was different from ~The Dent(o)/Cilan Fan Club~.
    Nah, we're good for now. Nothing new's on the horizon at this point in time; current situation - changing the level cap. Apparently a pain, because it uses a lookup table instead of relying on the formula itself, and stats may or may not also be calculated oddly.

    It'll probably be a lot of work whichever way it goes: either a ton of rebalancing/etc. (you reach the mid 50s/early 60s by the fourth gym!), or pioneering a change in hackdom.
    Yes Θάνατος is THanatos, I used google translate, the only problem is mentioning you, they would have to copy and paste
    Hey Thanatos, Θάνατος if you want Thanatos as your username IN GREEK LETTERS, Θάνατος means Thanatos is greek, no joke you can check google translate... unless you're not always logged in and you have to type your username everytime you use you computor (-_-)
    Yes, you're actually dead because your ability only protected you from being lynched. Sorry I didn't make that more clear ^^; Any other questions?
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