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  • Hi trom. Would you care teaching me how to put a tagline for myself on here? (You know the one that shows up under the username to replace registered user). Thanks~
    I fixed when I saw it. I remembered last night someone noticed a error, so when I saw that you went ahead to update it for tomorrow, I decided to check your work.
    I'm 99.9% sure that you made an error on the Featured Content, assuming that the Candy Bar restores 20 HP not 20 PP
    Ah good, you know i think that the announcement thread may start an ugly discussion, and i'm pretty sure its off-topic, could you, please post a IDK, warning or smoething?
    I'm thinking of talking about the whole APNG thing again. It's almost a year, and it still bugs me. I think there must be a reason why Chrome never got around to supporting it, as well as IE and non-Opera mobile browsers.
    Click the number of votes for any one option. It'll take you to the normal poll results screen. *figured that out by chance while wondering the same thing earlier*
    I know so little about Rugby that it's not funny. I didn't even know that there was a World Cup on until I Googled it. Your gloating is wasted on me.
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