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Recent content by The dark lord trombonator

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    Discussion: Dream jobs and current jobs

    I imagine that's an ambition many Bulbagarden members share. While I'd like to be a writer as well, I think I would prefer to specialise in non-fiction such as travel writing. In order to prepare myself for this, I've taken a lot of classes in writing while I've been studying at university and...
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    Discussion: World Travel

    It's interesting reading about where all the Bulbagardeners have travelled. Has anyone visited New Zealand? What were your impressions of the land I (and a surprising number of other Bulbagardeners) call home? (If it's not too far off-topic, what preconceived ideas do you have if you haven't...
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    Discussion: World Travel

    When I was seventeen, I went on a school exchange to Germany (from New Zealand) with the eleven other members of my German class and our teacher. We stayed with host families for a month in Velbert and then went to Berlin for a week. The trip really opened my eyes to another culture and made me...
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    Speculation:Will Gen 6 have a third game or something different?

    There will be no Pokémon Z Version. It will be Pokémon W and it will be a prequel and it will be epic.
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    BULBAPEDIA: Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    This probably covers it. Category:Versus Trainer sprites - Bulbagarden Archives
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    Announcing the new Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief

    Hi guys. For those of you who haven't met me, I'm the dark lord trombonator (trom) and for the past 12 months or so, it has been my pleasure to lead Bulbanews as Editor-in-Chief. Editing Bulbapedia, Bulbanews, and browsing the forums has been part of my routine for four years now, but as I've...
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    Pokémon art exhibition published online: 151 artists, 151 works of art

    If you guys wanted to buy a print, try and get in touch with the artist. As the article says, most of them have their personal sites linked on the tumblr. I'm sure they'd love to help you out if they are able.
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    BULBAPEDIA: Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Got it. However, feel free to create an account/log in to the Archives and fix any mistakes you see in the future :)
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    Who on Bulbagarden have you met?

    I briefly met Pokelova; at a screening of Pokemon White: The Movie earlier this year. Any other Bulbagardeners in NZ, get in touch with me if you're ever in Dunedin :D
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    E3 winds down for another year: Wii U promoted but no release date given

    Thanks Ghetsis-Dennis; I've added those points and accompanying video of the GamePad feature and the Pokémon Conquest trailer.
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    BULBAPEDIA: Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    As far as I know, no one knows what it means. Open bracket parentheses, maybe?
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    BULBANEWS: Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    We actually have a couple in the works. Watch this space! Already reported.
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    Have the slime of your life with Dragon Quest Wiki: Dragon Quest-based wiki joins NIW

    Re: Have the slime of your life with Dragon Quest Wiki: Dragon Quest-based wiki joins THAT IS A FANTASTIC TITLE.
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    Icaruspedia soars into NIWA: Kid Icarus-based wiki joins

    As part of my new reign of tyranny on Bulbanews, I've instated a pun quota. Anyone who writes less than three punny articles a month is fired. You better watch out, adyniz...