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Recent content by The DragonKnight

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    This or That! (Pokemon)

    Noctowl. Fletchling or Starly?
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    Pokémon Survivor!

    Still want Sudowoodo gone, but I guess I'll join the Palkia bandwagon. Voting off Palkia.
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    Pokémon Survivor!

    Voting Sudowoodo. Current Tally: Walrein: 1 Solrock: 1 Sudowoodo: 1
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    Random Messages 9

    It's obviously pie type.
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    This or That! (Pokemon)

    Registeel. Don't really like Regirock's look. Girainta-Origin or Giratina-Altered?
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    This or That! (Pokemon)

    Squirtle. Osahwott is cuter, but Squirtle is awesome. Froakie or Chespin?
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    Make Assumptions About the Person BELOW you

    No. v Is a pornographic model.
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    Pokémon Survivor!

    Voting Walrein to save Hariyama Current Tally: Hariyama: 3 Walrein: 2
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    Pokémon Survivor!

    Current Tally Hariyama: 2 Espeon: 2 Dusclops: 1 Sudowoodo: 1
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    Pokémon Survivor!

    I vote Sudowoodo. You're a disgrace to humanity. Current Tally Hariyama: 2 Walrein: 1 Dusclops: 1 Sudowoodo: 1
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    Pokémon Survivor!

    Voting out Smeargle. It has an okay design, but it does nothing but Baton Pass competitively.
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    How good is my White 2 team???

    If it wasn't for Haxorus' nature, I'd say DDance over Swords Dance. He looks good other than being slow. Psychic would be better than HP Psychic. Does Lucario have better SpA or Attack? If he has better attack, having all those psychical moves isn't the best of ideas. If he has better SpA...
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    Pokémon Survivor!

    Re: Pokemon Survivor Voting Kricketune. Predicting Espeon.
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    VG Weekly Poll #21 Favourite Male Playable Character?

    Brendan > Red > Hilbert > Ethan > Lucas > BW2 dude Bold were all really good in my opinion, all had great design. Ethan was good, Lucas I didn't like, and Nate (the BW2 guy) was really bad. I was so disappointed it went from Hilbert running around to that guy.
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    Video Games Poll #57 Who is your favourite Electric-type trainer?

    Wattson is my favorite based on personality. And Volkner on design. I'll give an edge to Volkner.