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    I eat roasted infidels for breakfast everyday! They are rich in vitamins!
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    DEBATE!!! Best match for Satoshi (Ash)?!

    "Hast thou not seen, oh Pokeshippers!? Hast thou not seen, for what they really are, those who believe in the other ships? They are warmly invited to our congregations, but show little respect for our ship. They come with prejudiced pre-dispositions and mock us wherever we gather...It is...
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    LULZ MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND!!!!!!!!!! I am a man of ambition. Ambition plays a huge role in building up my identity. Webster's dictionary defines ambition as, "a strong drive for success." Ambition helps define me for who I am because I fit in with the word's definition. I, The grand...
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    Who am I? Despite it's simplicity, this question is hard to answer. There are many ways to define a human being. Biologically, I would be defined as being nothing more than skin, bone, and a bunch of diverse cells. However, there is much more to me than what Biology claims. The purpose of this...