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    BULBAPEDIA: Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Is there a way to create a link that, when clicked on, takes you to a random Pokémon species' page, not just any page on the wiki? I want to create a link on Tumblr that does this, but the URLs I've tried so far aren't doing it. I can't think of anywhere more appropriate to ask this question, so...
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    Things in pokemon that dont make sense

    They could, but I doubt they will. They've never given Pokémon that evolve by stone additional evolutions after that. There are lines that require two different catalysts for their members to evolve—all of the three-stage lines with baby forms and the Porygon family. However, those that involve...
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    Most hideous Pokemon?

    You horrid meanies! Picking on babies is not cool! *hugs crying baby Pokémon* I am blind, so I can't judge on what is ugly or not, but I will say this. The franchise is literally called Pocket Monsters. Aren't monsters supposed to look weird/unnatural/dare I say it, hideous?
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    Things in pokemon that dont make sense

    Why doesn't strikethrough work on linked words in this forum? :P I have no idea why Gardevoir is not 100% female, but it's not the only feminine-looking Pokémon that can be male. Milotic, Lopunny, Sylveon, Ninetales, Clefairy, Roserade... As to why Gallade doesn't have a Mega Evolution...
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    Diancie Discussion and Theories

    I don't know if somebody has said this already, but I think Diancie is based on the process of coal becoming diamond. It may be very difficult to turn a Carbink into Diancie, if the games even let you do that. Coal takes absolutely ages to turn into a diamond.
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    Tech Help thread

    I just cleared my cookies and the problem was solved. Thanks for the tips anyways! I really appreciated them. :D
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    Tech Help thread

    Yes, as I mentioned above, I tried watching it through Internet explorer, but it was taking ages to load even at almost midnight, and navigating around the player was slow as well. I'll try again later, but I was getting used to watching the videos on Firefox and I don't know what the problem is...
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    What ridiculously common thing can't you do.

    ...I thought I'd be in the minority when it came to not being able to whistle or snap my fingers. I feel better about both now. At least I can blow bubblegum bubbles! The trick is to stick your tongue right into the bubblegum before you start blowing.
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    HA! Don't make me laugh! - Humor Thread

    This is transcribed from memory, and was actually an add on TV ages ago. Being blind, I don't know the exact details of the scenes, so I made a couple bits up, but I do remember the punchline so the funny factor should still be there. (Dad is working on the computer when his little girl comes...
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    Reason behind your username

    The story of my username is a short one, but I don't mind telling it. I came up with it before I got my own computer and unlimited access to the internet, when I was coming up with a name to call myself in my fanfictions (which I didn't know were called fanfictions at the time). I watched...
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    Tech Help thread

    YouTube Error. I've tried everything. Subject line says it all. For the past week, every time I've tried to watch a video on YouTube, I get an error message within a few minutes. I've entered on the button below that opens a new window with the information on the error, and have tried literally...
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    EVERYONE: Pokemon: The Song of Jewels

    Can I have a link to the original of that story? It sounds wonderful and you skipped a bit for brevity's sake. :D
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    Worst Cartoon You've Ever Seen?

    Guess it's my turn to clarify my points in the earlier thread. Reasons I don't like the Total Drama series: There's the fact that it's a cartoon based on a reality TV show, for one. That just makes no sense, but in itself, the idea would have been interesting. However, the host, Chris, is an...
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    Songs You Hate/Most Annoying Song Ever?

    Re: Most Annoying Song Ever? I'll agree with you about "Royals". I have it on the So Fresh album I got for Christmas and avoid it like the plague. I don't know how a song can be boring and annoying at the same time but that one is. *cringes*
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    Pokemon names you mispronounced?

    Poochyena and Mightyena are pronounced as if they have two "n"s in the anime. I was therefore slightly surprised when I saw how they were spelled on Bulbapedia, although it made some sense when I thought about it. You pronounced them correctly according to the anime. The same goes for Tropius...