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  • I just found the trivia on Lugia sayn' that someone thought they where Lugia in an episode of the ER.
    Can you explain your blog post on that SMG2 easter egg? I don't quite understand...
    I must say, you've got the creepiest avatar going around right now. I have never seen Probopass move around like that before.
    Would you please take a level 100 shiney japanese meganium from hoenn for one female swift swim poliwag? It doesnt have to be any nature, or anything anymore. I just need one...
    Yeah, and I might still swap out my excadrill for Forretress, although I don't forsee a large need for entry hazards in the VGC, as opposed to a superspeed sand sweep
    I won't deny you that about the connection drop. I did figure out that it had something to do with my charging cable. Yeah, i was lolling when "slowking used Scald! Susan took the attack! Susan's Sp. Attack rose!" Anyways, good game. I wish you luck at the VGC. I'm using this for the same reasons, so maybe i'll see you at nationals, sometime. BTW, my real name is Ben, not Chris, so we can recognize each other.
    I'm available on the same days you are. My School gets out the 20th, so i'm pretty much free whenever after 1pm Mountain Standard Time on that day (-7). Do you want to battle on Wednesday morning, the 21st, around 10am?
    If you want to provide a quote, you should do it as soon as you can to get this over with early.

    Thanks for reading.
    Go ahead on Scraggy and Scrafty. After all, you already have the permission (check the VM history; you will know what I mean).

    That's it for now.
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