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    Pokémon DSi or DSi XL

    I really don't think size matters. (That's what she said =)) The only reason I don't like the DSi XL is because it's basically a DSi, but bigger. And the friggin stylus doesn't fit in the thing.
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    What was the last thing you did before you went on the computer just now?

    I played Pokemon Emerald, My mono grass team beat Flannery after 10 retries. Thank you critical-hits!
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    TheKILLERMareep and Mr. Slowpoke's Sprite Shop!

    Yep, sure. I'll get alll of them done ASAP.
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    Magikarp used Splash, its super effective!

    Raichu, use BRICK BREAK!
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    The Official Claim-A-Character Thread!

    I claim Professor Oak! Professor Oak-The Magneton-15/2/11
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    The In-Game Team Advice Thread

    Re: TAKE NOTE: All in-game teams go here. This is my Emerald team. I'm at Fortree City, I hate being overleveled! Blaziken/KFC Lv37. Bashful Nature HP - 119, ATK - 106, DEF - 61, SP.A - 94, SP.D - 67, SPE - 75 Double Kick, Aerial Ace, Blaze Kick, Flamethrower SHINY Crobat/Shineh...
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    I choose the black kitteh.

    I choose the black kitteh.
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    Animals, Plants and other Things not already used for Pokémon

    Re: Animals, not already used for Pokémon A griffin pokemon. That would probably legendary.
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    Contest: Pure Ghost-type Showdown!

    Cofagrigus FTW! My fav 5th gen pokemon.
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    So I was playing pokemon and I noticed some things that could give us a hint that there might be 3rd gen REMAKES!! 1. BUILDINGS - In HGSS, the roof of the tunnel that connects two routes and cities, there is a rather familiar looking roof. What I mean is that it looks exactly like an...
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    Favourite YouTuber...

    Failblog is funny. "Failblog... *Falls off bike* Dot org!"
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    It looks kinda similar to a pic in Brawl that I took.

    It looks kinda similar to a pic in Brawl that I took.
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    What did you dream of last night?

    What was Cynthia wearing?
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    Rate the Signature Above You

    9/10, who made the picture?