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  • Oh hey Aloasa. Didn't see ya there. xD What do you think you're doing, stalking my dead profile? :p
    Actually, the keys to defeating the daleks in the pokemon universe are simpler. 1. Remember how the time lords defeated them (the legit logical way)? The Genisis arc? Here's another hint: the void ship? If you can't kill it, contain it. This is something the pokemon universe is ready to tackle: use pokeballs. Idk what the catch rate would be, and master balls are rare, but quick balls might be enough to capture some daleks. 2. How are the daleks defeated in daleks in manhattan? it is revelaed that dalekanium armor is really only weak to dalek's own shots-- that is why mickey's lazer is so effective, because of it's similarity to a dalek death ray. Think about it; pokemon is based on the fact that pokemon can learn each other's moves. I'm pretty sure you can teach EXTERMINATE to the likes of someone like magnezone, genesect, etc.

    There, i betrayed the daleks.
    If you've ever watched Old Who, though, you might find some ways to kill daleks there...
    1.EMP devices do not work on daleks.

    2. Pokemon universe holds no equivalent to time lord regeneration energy.

    3. Time of the doctor was a lame episode. Wouldn't that energy technically drain all of the doctor's new regenerations? What, D Tennent uses a little bit of energy, it equals a whole regeneration. M Smith uses bombs of it, and he's ok? No, just no.

    Good try, though....

    ... unless you count evolution energy as a primitive type of regeneration, which doesn't make too much sense, and if it was it probably would have no offensive capabilities.
    you have succeeded in destroying one Dalek... the rest quickly use an EXTERMINATE firing squad, taking the dragonite down.

    Assemble Attack formation! Enemy species located! Extrapolate fairy DNA from failed togekiss.... use same method used in Dalek (2005) to gain immunity to dragon types though infusing Dalekanium with fairy coating... Sending Fairy DNA structure to Dalek Ship to synthesize fairy type slaves (see Daleks in Manhattan) in order to kill dragonites, as well as exterminating dragon type legendary pokemon.... this universe will soon be ours unless Pokemon General Aloasa can lead these pests to victory!
    You cannot keep a secret from the Daleks! In Assylum of the Daleks, it is revealed that Daleks have the capability of tapping into minds with mild psychic ability... reading Lucario's movements in time to prepare our selves with our special version of protect: DALEKANIUM SHEILD! Emperor Dalek, a psychic/ steel, uses Psychic, EXTERMINATING the puny Lucario....

    Yeah, I thought of EVERYTHING!!
    Daleks, exterminate the togekiss using your electric type EXTERMINATE attack! It's super effective against the togekiss-- it has been annihilated before it even finished nasty plotting.

    This is not war-- it is PEST CONTROL
    The Doctor is a mere mortal. Moffet's illogical plots could not save him this time... we have stolen the regeneration process and converted it into the system we use to simulate pokemon evolution. In addition, our ability, "Elevate" grants immunity to ground types, as well as participate in air battles. Our dreamworld ability, "Trans-Temporal Shift" allows us to evade any undesired battles.

    Soon, Kalos, Khanto, and the other regions will be under the rule of Dalek Supreme.
    The Doctor has been EXTERMINATED. Our plan to pass ourselves off as steel/ electric pokemon will let us conquer this universe!
    I wasn't trying to make you look like a fool. I was just clarifying how Chekhov's Tropes work.
    We have no reason to believe we are in danger, but if you want to be on the safe side, I recommend changing your password if you use it on any other sites.
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