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  • Serebii thinks that in order not to spoil a new game, it's okay to lie about ORAS being the relevant games next year. Nevermind the fact that there is no reason to say anything about next year if they don't want to just yet.
    The schedule for VGC 2016 effectively rules out a main series release until September. The new ruleset will be applied in January, which means that it will be based on the current games. There is no feasible way for a new game to be used for even the nationals or Worlds. And how weird would it be for a new game to be released without being tied to the VGC? I can't see it happening.

    The official website makes it crystal clear:

    2016 Pokémon Video Game Championship Series

    Pokémon video game players will be able to compete in more events than ever as the series expands to new cities and countries around the world. Championship Series events will use Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.
    Tomy is going to release Pokédex Z next month, but it's actually just the ORAS Pokédex. It seems to me that TPC is making fun of Z theorists.
    Well, there's a reference in XY to a Froakie that turned into a human. I could see Ash Greninja being part of Kalos' lore, with Ash replaced by a Sir Aaron-like character.
    It might be circumstantial, but I think this merchandise is evidence that we aren't getting a new Kalos game. Why would they showcase Ash Greninja alongside the regular Chesnaught and Delphox if the latter were also getting new forms? And why would a new Kalos game not give all the Kalos starters new forms? While Charizard got preferential treatment, at least Blastoise and Venusaur still got Mega Evolutions (and XY weren't even set in Kanto). Likewise, Blaziken only got preferential treatment before the return to Hoenn.
    Oh joy. The Generation VI thread is getting more active again due to people rehashing the same tired arguments.

    Ishihara name drops the NX here, but it hardly implies that the next generation will be released for it. More importantly:

    – More titles like Pokemon Shuffle for 3DS/smart devices depends on the ideas they come up with and which devices have the best “fit” for the idea
    – There will be more on that at a later day (possibly referring to Pokemon Go), please be patient
    Since Go isn't a 3DS app (nor is it a secret), could this mean we're going to get another app soon? Either way, I think the interview reinforces how unlikely it is for a new main series game to be released in the first half of 2016. SMD, Pokkén and Go would get sidelined even by a boring third version.
    I really don't think it's too much to ask for. We got Origins without any anniversary, and it was longer than most movies.
    I'm mostly worried about Mimi. The young Mimi was witty and charming (at least in Japanese), but the trailer depicts her older version as being cocky.

    Side note: Benefit of being in a franchise that has a terrible anime--no expectation for any good anniversary specials. Unless you count Origins, but I count that as a separate entity created more for the games than for the main anime.
    But I am expecting an Origins-like special for the anniversary. If it can be a short anime series, so much the better.
    Meh. There's nothing too interesting, and I'm worried that I won't like some of the characters in their new incarnations.
    No. I think it would make more sense for Aster to have visited Zinnia's world first for some reason (maybe just Hoopa's mischief), but she could only stay for so long. Zinnia is the one who is going out of her way to find a link between the worlds because she loves Aster too much.
    I don't think it's that weird that Archaic or whoever is more excited about Go than most people here are.

    Klonoa is a dream traveler who visits other worlds to save them. The first game had an amazing twist since it was only in the very last scene that Klonoa realized that he wasn't actually from Phantomile (the world of that game) and that his memories had been manipulated by his friend, who had summoned him for the purpose of saving the world. The ending is heartbreaking.
    Do you find it weird that Bulbagarden created an entire subforum for Pokemon GO? This hasn't been done for any other spin-off. Arguably, Pokken should have its own subforum given how obvious Ishihara was at wanting to make it into a "third pillar" of sorts in the world championships...yet we get one trailer for Pokemon GO and a subforum pops up.
    It's a bit weird because there isn't much to discuss yet, but I do feel that it's more warranted than for any other spin-off game.
    That post is from gamefaqs.

    It would definitely be a curve ball if in every Pokemon-related universe, Aster died, so the only universe Zinnia can find her in is our own.
    I don't see the real world as a mirror image of any Pokémon-related one, which is to say that Aster only ever existed in our world and she didn't even necessarily die. It's possible that Aster visited Zinnia's world and then had to go back, which Zinnia sees as "losing" Aster. Now Zinnia has to figure out how to find Aster in our world.

    Are you familiar with the Klonoa series? Particularly the first game.
    Higan (Zinnia=Higana) means "the other shore", while shigan (Aster=Shigana) means "this shore". This lends support to the idea that these two characters were never from the same world. Also, Aster is somehow more "normal" than Zinnia is. Relative to our own world?

    It would be pretty weird if Game Freak made a big deal about the Mega universe and the non-Mega one, considering how shallow the differences are. But the Pokémon universe and the real-life one are two completely different ball games.
    If Z is what everyone hopes (and given increases each third edition SHOULD be), gen 7 can bloody wait. New connected region plus Kalos, another 60 new mon plus megas, continuing story. What else could you want? (Unless you hate the premise of XYZ's story, of course...)

    I do hate the premise, but that expansion idea sounds like GS-like games (hence a new generation) rather than a third version. Except this guy thinks that Game Freak will do it in addition to a new generation released just a year after.

    I'd just rather not get anything that is too legendary-focused because I can only see it feeling contrived.
    That blog was written by AgentRosa. She posted a Go-related joke about a secret services agent playing Go in the White House and apologizing to Obama for mistaking him for a Jynx. No one found it funny.
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