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  • Ohmori says that the series will evolve next year and we should have high expectations for it.
    In order to compare a 3-year generation to a 4-year one from a financial perspective, what needs to be taken into account is the number of versions sold per year rather than overall. As of last June, XY and ORAS' sales reached 13.99 and 10.27 million units, respectively. Let's assume that the final numbers will be around 14.5 and 11.3. Assuming a 3-year generation, this means that the number of units sold per year is:


    That's also the number of units in millions that "Z" would need to sell in order to maintain this average over 4 years. Is this likely for a third version? Not at all. B2W2 sold 7.81 million copies as of early 2013, so probably only around 8 million units overall. These were two sequel versions whose predecessors sold more units (15.60) than XY did. Platinum sold 7.5 million copies relative to DP's 17.63 figure, which is to say only 42.5%. A realistic expectation for "Z" would be somewhere between 6 and 6.5 million units.


    And that's before we even add a potential app into the equation. Let's assume a price of $10 (a quarter of a game) and that around 50% of XY players would buy it (the percentage could easily be greater).


    The numbers speak for themselves, don't they?
    I hope that Game Freak announce their next release soon because the last year has been a pain and the discussion is only getting worse now.

    I am not sure how this can be taken as anything but a racial joke. Giving a warning about it doesn't make it okay.
    Masuda said that he wants Go to connect to the next entry. If the latter is part of the current generation, why wouldn't Go be compatible with the current games? I assume that the connection method will be Pokémon Bank since I very much that smartphones can connect to the 3DS directly.
    "We need a new Kalos game to fix XY's story. It's too soon for a new generation!"

    "A visual novel would be underwhelming because it would only focus on the story, when most people care about gameplay."

    Sound logic if I ever saw one. Nevermind the fact that an app could easily include an overhauled Battle Chateau or even the Battle Frontier if Game Freak wanted. If people just want any excuse for another badge quest, why on earth does it have to take place in Kalos?
    Sugimori re-designed Giovanni. His attire now lacks an R, so this design probably corresponds to a later period than Generation I.
    I read Serebii's spoilers about SMD's story climax and epilogue, and I can't say that impressed. It doesn't seem that Chunsoft have much in the way of new ideas. Of course, Serebii doesn't really know Japanese, but I just don't find the outline intriguing.

    And I'm confused as to how big the five continents actually are. How many locations from past games are actually accessible?
    Remember how many people argued how bad sequels were? Now the only thing they speculate about is sequels.
    A lot of them seem fine with the idea of regressing to a third version. :-/
    Phoenix Rising is a promising fan game that won't feature gyms. Add in the unique story revolving around Ho-Oh and you get a project that definitely deserves my anticipation.

    Game Freak, stop making me care about fan games more than your own projects. 2016 has to be a turning point.
    Mother 3's storytelling is really nice so far. That's pretty surprising for a Nintendo game, although I also really liked Detective Club 2.
    It's funny how Masuda is tweeting about Meowth plushies and some random Japanese girl rather than the anime news. His description on Twitter now references the 20th anniversary and Go.
    I'm using a default deck and don't really know how I'm supposed to collect enough new cards. The first boss already uses a Zapdos.
    The TCG GB 2 and Mother 3 bosses are too hard. :-/ Is this what's it going to be like in Cyber Sleuth with my not fully evolved team?
    Ouch. I'll take the silence as a "forever alone" sign.

    At least Masuda's attitude about Go seems positive and sensible enough.
    It seems like an interesting game. The battles are a little drawn out, but they aren't the focus. I like the idea of playing as different characters in a single family.

    If I began to list every game that interests me more than a Z version ever could, the list would never end and I am by no means a gamer. But you'll never play any of the games I mention, will you? I keep getting shot down. :-/
    This fandom needs a healthy dosage of self awareness.
    I hope it comes in the form of a DLC-esque app, making them realize that improved content doesn't warrant a "new" game that would delay the actual next step in the series. They should feel absolutely foolish for their minimalistic expectations, which aren't even cynical.
    Perfect Zygarde doesn't even look like a Z, and I don't see any other form being used as the mascot.

    I also laugh at people who still think that Zygarde is guaranteed to have a big role in Movie 19. Plenty of teasers (and actual trailers) have been misleading, and no legendary has had an extended anime arc and a big movie role. Poor Xerneas was an afterthought in Movie 17, and the upcoming arc won't focus on it, either.

    While fans are at fault for being narrow-minded, I'm upset with TPC as they fully expected this reaction. I dislike how they're (presumably) misleading people.
    Well, I have no experience with the TCG and I don't see the controls bothering me. GBC Pokémon games always make me happy. Besides, I have nothing else to play right now.
    While we are anxiously waiting to see whether or not Game Freak have lost their marbles, you may be interested in playing the translated version of TCG GB 2. I'm going to play the prequel first, which I have never done before.
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