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  • Hello Psystrike.

    As one of the more speculative fans in the Video Game section, I was wondering if you could give me some ideas and some of your thoughts about a 'Pokemon Grey' and R/S remakes. I ask because I'm writing an article about these topics for National Bulbagraphic. Any information or thoughts is fine, and I'd really appreciate it if you'd help out. I'd of course give you credit at the end of the article.

    I got the impression that she knows where a portal at least *was* given that she was standing about 20 feet from it when it opened and Giratina came out. Also since it's implied that you tell her about the Distortion World, you might also tell her where the portal is. Given that your character has no dialogue in that part, it's hard to tell.

    Clearly Sinnoh's population has a far higher percentage of madness than most regions. I'd say they're second only to Almia in that regard. And both seem to obsess over Clefairies.
    They're similar, but Mars is distinctly more immature and resorts to violence faster. She kinda reminds me of Domino, while Jupiter is more...hmm, can't really think of anyone to really compare her to. Maybe Shelly.

    It's funny. Because of her violent streak, I can't see Cyrus showing any interest in Mars (you know, if he let himself show interest in anyone).
    At least he seems to be gone for good now. But of course, like some villain of an overly-long horror movie franchise, he'll be back.
    I thought it would never dare show its username in public ever again on this site after the ban. First the Hairybug starts posting again on Serebii Forums, and now this. Oh well, the mods will likely catch up soon.
    I vaguely remember that. I remember he requested himself banned then made a sockpuppet...
    I believe it's been the "rolled up" point that has been confusing me, but I understand now after looking through videos on youtube. I mean, Lickitung can roll food up on it's tongue, so the quote, word for word, didn't have to be applied so thoroughly, I thought. And so, ever since G/S came out, I've never took a moment to think about the tail BEING the bag-like appearance, since I never saw it in the way I saw it in the video, unraveled.

    But I get it now, thank you. Shame I can't edit the entry anymore~ ><;
    youtube: watch?v=2DvvQT2cOvQ
    Aha! A side game I have not played! I am dissapointed, but ah vell
    You have to enable it. I'll give you a hint: Use Bulbapedia and search Sven.

    Well that wasn't a hint but me telling you the answer.
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