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  • LOL, I avoid facebook games like the plague! At least I can save pokemon and put it down :) I'm actually about to clear out a lot of shinies, I've got about 2 boxes of extra. I'm only lacking about 100 to complete my shiny dex. Working on HG now. I'll see you around :)
    Hello. Maybe you got this mixed up, but I soft-reset. Chaining is more difficult for me. I appreciate your message, though :) I am glad we are friends now
    im sorry but my secret of my lv100 scyther,skarmory and flygon must remain a secret
    i havent been on since thne last message i sent so it doesnt matter
    im fine
    exept im getting that im addicted to a game,im going to lose a pokemon diamond/pearl tournament and i have a pile of homework as big a mount everest .lol
    ^_^ I still feel kinda bad, though. I have someone hooking me up with a Modest Ditto this weekend, so I can do the Everstone trick. Hopefully that will speed things up.
    Well, I think that guy who posted below you was already banned... probably for friending so many random people and spamming both their's and his profile.
    Ah, sorry. Now I know (btw, so am I). -_- it's just frustrating...I took a break today to breed a skarmory for Wiil (he wanted a male with Brave Bird), and a male corsola for some other guy not on this forum (which I managed to get on my first try 0.o), but I managed to hatch BOTH a Modest skarmory AND a modest corsola! But no modest houndoom! *headdesk*
    Wow, so many people start classes again on the 12th - I don't go back until the 26th. Hmm, why don't you try for a better Pokemon than Bidoof, like a swarm Pokemon or one that you can use magnet pull or static on? I usually have good luck on those.
    Haha, it's good to know people are still chaining. I wasn't able to do it much thanks to classes (you go to college too, right?). Now I've got winter break, but no shinies to show for it yet. Any luck for you?
    Yeah, a bit of luck. I'll be getting a Rash one from somebody in a trade, but her Wi-Fi wasn't being cooperative this morning. We're going to try again though, so I'll be getting your Torchic asap.
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