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  • Shoot kid, I can't even explain it to ya.

    Imagine having to learn English while you got bullied everyday and generally isolated from your peers.

    I used to get my head slammed on concrete, ants thrown on me, and tripped all the time.

    Shit like that really makes it hard to learn a foreign language ya know?
    That's how mothers are kid. They'll frustrate ya to no end but in the end, they are still ya mom.

    Yeah, but I had to really work at it. Shoot, if I worked half as hard at Academics I would already have my diploma xD
    I'm sure she's only lookin out for ya.

    But you see, that's the thing. My social skills used to SUCK. I really had to work on them over the years to get em where they are know. I'm a totally different man than I was about six years ago. Or even when I was at your age.
    Yeah, you see my school education system is absolutely shit. I'm going to suffer when I go to college. BUT, I don't regret anything.

    Yep, a silver tongue is like a cheat code to life
    Good on ya, God bless

    It probably is a better education but social skills are essential. Making friends is an experience ya wouldn't regret, I guarantee.

    But it proves how useful social skills are doesn't it? It makes it so ya don't have to fight ya whole life and take a few shortcuts
    Yeah, its good to be a kid sometimes. I mean you have to grow up eventually but I guarantee there ain't nothing wrong with enjoying your childhood while you can.

    Why? You really need to be exposed to a social enviroment. Social skills are just as important (Perhaps even moreso) than academic skills.

    I know this one guy who never had to work a day in his life because he got a rich girl to fall in love with him and he's set for life with all the girl's millions.
    Maturity ain't all that it's cracked up to be. I mean shoot, look at me. I look like a college kid though I'm only a Sophomore but I got those looks from a whole lot of stress and depression.

    Looks like your a man with a plan, so your parents kind of just went along with it I spose?
    Hey kid, pro tip: You seem really immature when you say you are 'Really mature'. Let your actions prove that, ya don't have to justify yourself. Besides, what is wrong with being a kid anyways?

    So you'll start off as a really intelligent Fish? (Freshman)
    Holy smokes, how old are ya?

    Well shoot, guess I'd have to walk a mile in your shoes (Or should I say boots xD) to understand fully I spose.

    Yeah, they got kicked out of public school because they have absolutely no discipline. Like they are children in teenagers bodies, I was ready to beat em black this weekend but they didn't give an excuse though
    So your a bright child I spose?

    So what do ya do for social interaction? I was always curious what y'all did to make friends ya know.

    I also have two cousins that are homeschooled but they are twats so lets not bring em up
    Well, there aren't too many people that do over here but the ones that do are usually easily identifiable.

    Online schooled? Yep, she was online schooled as well.

    Anything else?
    Boots have always shown what kind of person that wears the boots. It only takes one look at the boot to judge the man wearing them.

    Yep, gotta have fun with it ya know

    Test me :p I know this one chick that is homeschooled because she got expelled from her last school xD How is it complicated?
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