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The Winter Soldier

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  • Yes, I enjoyed it quite a bit! Though, a lot of people smoke there, which isn't all that healthy.

    Ah, yeah. I've done art in the past few years.
    Yeah its me. Skype is faster to access from my cell. I can't take my laptop to work. So if its ok with you then we'll rather chat on Skype
    Oh no, they are related and are cousins - Magnus Chase - Annabeth Chase any connection? : MagnusChase

    I'm 15 years old :)
    Yeah, Greek, Roman and Norse mythology is the best! But I like Egyptian mythology too, they're all cool. Yes, I found out it came out 10 days ago so I'm hoping to order it soon as it looks spectacular and apparent Magnus is Annebeth's cousin!
    The fact that you can cope with all that is amazing, truly it is - I don't think I would be able to! Aw, thanks that's really nice of you to say. You're a wonderful person to talk to aw well, Yash :)

    Yeah I do! Last year for my birthday I got the Carter Cane, Percy Jackson, Heros of Olympus, demigod diaries and the two crossovers between Percy, Annabeth, Sadie and Carter. I really want to get the book of gods, the other demigods diaries, the other Percy Jackson and Carter Cane crossover and Magnus Chase because they look amazing and I love learning about mythology!
    Wow! You must be a really talented guy to do all that! Ah, explains a lot but I still can't believe you were able to pick me up from a visitor message. xD So am I but I'm interested how it's all going to work out with so many people in this rp.
    A bit tired from a late night but I'm excited as I'm on my two week holidays after tomorrow. Yourself?

    No problem at all!
    That's cool, just don't travel by yourself in the RP!

    Also, I think you're writing your visitor messages on your own wall. You reply on others walls (or easier still is view conversation and write there).
    I don't think I will be teaming up with someone. It would probably be Ravio. I don't think. But thanks for the offer though. Let the RP progress. I'll let you know. Thanks

    Just checking if you found someone to journey with in the RP. The offer's still on the table to join, what seems I think, a wider group since I asked Flaze.
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