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  • Thanks for congratulating! Phew thats a relief, for moment i thought i messed something up with order of words and such, given English isn't my first message.
    Oh no worries about reply to my PM, it can wait. You will do it when it suits you best hehe.:) Yeah im doing fine, just cameback from my birthday party. It was a blast (if i used right terminology lol).
    Hi, pardon me for possible rude behavior but i was free enough to send you friend request. We dont know much about ourselves, but from what we talked you seem like polite, sincere and open minded person. And we do share things in common at least in sense of liking pokemon and appreciating characters like May, Misty, Brock(forgot to mention but i like him alot too) etc. So i thought why not establish groundwork for possible development of friendship. I mean from somewhere you have to start, right?

    Even though my approach comes of as rather awkward lol. :p
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