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  • The Disney Store...
    They've taken so much of my money I swear I should own some stock in the company. lol
    Especially now that they sell Marvel stuff.

    Well I guess we both taught our family a very important lesson: Unintentional whining will get us what we want. >:D
    As for your cosplay idea, I'd be totally down to play Turbo since we're both short and have a hideous smile. D:
    Sugar Rush cosplay would be amazing! Especially if you each got your own replica go kart.

    Unfortunately I'm not creative enough for cosplay. I once tried to cosplay as N and the only reaction I got was "Dude you don't even have green hair".
    Elementary school children can be so cruel...

    Anyway, I ended up receiving Wreck it Ralph on Blu Ray as a birthday present this year since I wouldn't shut up about how much I liked it once I saw it.
    No way, that's awesome!

    Believe it or not, I didn't even see Wreck It Ralph until it was released on Blu Ray. Partly because I didn't think it'd be any good, given that in the past movies based on video game adaptions have sucked 99% of the time. I was so wrong about this one, I loved it!

    And of course Vanellope, even though she's voiced by Sara Silverman she still brought out a bunch of daws out of me XD
    Hey thanks for the friend add, really appreciate it :)

    Didn't even notice Vanellope was your avatar til now, I love her! XD
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