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  • Hey I have a male relaxed shuckle named Nodithel with the same EV's as before ready to go whenever you are available to trade again. I will be available almost all day tomorrow.
    Oh okay. Well, idk. I have the legendary birds, the lake trio, the regis + their master, giratina and dialga. I think that's the only legendary i have that i want to get rid of. Or some dexfiller you need?
    yeah I'm going to try for a male this time. It might take a little longer though because I am already in the middle of some other breeding I have to take care of before Black/White release. I'll VM you when I'm done.
    Sure. Sorry about that, I didn't think female would be a problem since it didn't have any egg moves that it needed to be male in order to pass on.
    oh man you missed me by about 10 mins - i'll be on that time (your recent VM's time) most nights this week dude i just had an early night last night
    yeah shoot over a list of all the names together dude so i don't have to flick between tabs - easy to read & exactly as you want them eg:

    bulbasaur - John
    charmander - Fireball


    (i'll be trading over random events i need them back but i figured they'll fill gaps in your pokedex so you can get them on the GTS)
    any time from friday evening through to sunday night if you see me on just VM dude check the "current activity" bit on my profile you should see if i'm clicking around the forum or if i've went out / fell asleep!
    yeah that's my biggest pokemon nightmare! i spread my shinies around my games so all my good ones are on soulsilver now (i never trade with anyone from that) & all the ones received in trades went to heartgold - i'll do the same with black/white

    anyway early night for me (unless i watch the mighty boosh in bed for 2 hours like last night...) laters!
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