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  • it's more of a "one-off" like spiritomb / lapras / drifblim / etc can be but just like them it can be bred

    i should've mentioned i'm on that "traders whitelist" thing but i really think they should hack-check people before they go on it - i hate people passing off hacks as legit pokemon it's probably my biggest peeve on here
    yeah i'll definitely have time at the weekend to nickname 'em dude - i RNG all the shinies i hatch & i never hack (in fact i'm quite militant when it comes to hackers...) but i'd be happy if you checked them in this thread: best hack checker here i understand people being cautious as i am too - i never get offended!
    ironically i had every single pokemon (except events) on diamond but i was too lazy to trade them over - i'd rather spend the time SRing on one DS & RNGing on the other - thanks again! :-D
    UK crown beast thingies - i got 5 sets & i only needed 4 sets (1 reserved for someone / 1 to keep UT / 1 to EV train with same moves / 1 to EV train with new moves) i was gonna just give the other set away in a random thread but you've helped me with so many pokemon i needed you can have 'em :)
    awesome stuff dude! bring them 3 & 3 fodder to trade - i have some extras i've just gotta collect from the pokemart ;)
    nah your patience is enough dude if you're happy to hang on 'til the weekend i'm happy to do it! (although i will steal any items you attach to pokemon so if you have like more than 20 of anything that you won't use chuck 'em over - i always throw the platinum dept store TM's around i have about 80 of each at all times!)
    awesome stuff thank you dude! get a list of the names you want & when you see me on friday evening onwards (it's 8.45pm here now to give you an idea of the time) just VM me & we'll do a quick trade while i nickname them
    i can do but i probably won't have time until saturday dude (week days are pretty tiring with work & all that)
    sorry dude it was getting late last night & i had to go - anyway i'm about now for a few hours so VM when you're around
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