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    DWF Gligar, Rufflet, Abra

    I'm on any time from 5 to 7 pm EST. My FC is 2795 9010 4168
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    DWF Gligar, Rufflet, Abra

    I've got gligar from dw, so can I have the abra?
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    DWF Gligar, Rufflet, Abra

    I have heart scales, thunderstones, reaper cloth, and access to all the pokemon available except for event pokemon
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    DWF Gligar, Rufflet, Abra

    Well as the title suggests, I am looking for these pokemon. I can offer these DWF: Vulpix Poliwag Magikarp Barboach Slowpoke Dratini Bagon
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    trading legendaries

    I can give you Ho-Oh, Dialga, Kyogre, Groudon, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres for either Reshiram, Thundurus or Landorus.
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    Reshiram, Keldeo, Kami trio

    As the title suggests, I am looking for these pokemon. Natures, IVs, EVs do not count at all for me, as long as their names are in correct spelling and correctly capitalized. I have these pokemon to offer: Naive Kyogre Adamant Groudon Adamant Rayquaza Shiny Naive Axelf Hasty Kyogre Bold...
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    Looking for the Weather Trio (Still looking)

    Re: Looking for Registeel and the Weather Trio If any of those pokemon can be nicknamed into their lower case format, then I can offer you any of those pokemon
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    Lower case Ho-Oh

    Since the revolution of lower case pokemon names, I became increasingly bothered by the abundance of my pokemon that were in all caps, specifically Ho-Oh since it's one of my more treasured legendary pokemon. I have many pokemon to offer, which includes the following Naive Kyogre Adamant Groudon...
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    Wanted: one of the Hydreigon family

    @MadNessMonster @QuantumPolagnus I'm sorry to say this to you, but I actually received a Hydreigon some time ago.
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    Wanted: one of the Hydreigon family

    As I am about to start Black 2, I would like to have Deino, Zweilous, or Hydreigon as one of my initial team. I can offer masterballs, shards, evolution stones, or rare candies. Preferably I would like him to have a mild, rash, timid, or modest nature, male, and the nickname Kastraliss. Your...
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    Well, as I just received Black 2 yesterday, I am lacking in many pokemon of good quality. So, I need to fill up my pokedex with some good pokemon. I am personally looking for a Escavalier M Braviary Deino M but all donations will be treated with thanks. Natures and IV's do not count, but it...
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    Black and White Help thread (Read First Post)

    When migrating pokemon over, does the name of the pokemon become lower cased or does it retain its original form? Also, that would be interesting to see. Somebody try it now!!
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    Black and White Help thread (Read First Post)

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but can a GEN IV game battle/trade/interact at all with a GEN V game? Also, if I go to the forest, and save in front of a pokemon, can I reset until I get the preferable nature and gender?
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    Simple Questions and Answers Thread for BST! (Read First Post)

    Alright, thanks for the advice. I'll just use him, since I already have a long history with the guy (hatched him myself, and journeyed all through soulsilver with it). As for the chandelure focus stash thing, I'd say it's crazy talk IF the foe outruns the chandelure, cause it'll be able to kill...
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    Simple Questions and Answers Thread for BST! (Read First Post)

    Well, I have this crobat, quite good Ivs (Att,Speed, and SD are 29, 31, 27 respectively) and all, but it's hasty, so defense is lowered for speed. Should I replace it? It's moveset is Hypnosis Super fang Haze U turn This strategy okay? It mainly acts as a phazer, support, and sleep inducer. I...