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i am a man man man man up up in the air

- 21 Y.O.
- Former TWR/FG moderator. Now moderator of VG, Current Events, and the Arcade.
- Chikorita enthusiast
- Self-proclaimed leader of the Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs Fanclub
- Chaotic Good
- Gemini Sun, Cancer Moon, Scorpio Rising
- Slytherin
- 9w8
- Interests include but not limited to: Pokemon, hockey (specifically the Washington Capitals, and Chicago Blackhawks), The Legend of Zelda, coffee, Fire Emblem, bagels, indie and funk music, community service and activism, Xenoblade Chronicles, anything Nintendo Switch, and Hayley Williams from Paramore.
- Main series favorite games timeline thing: BW > HGSS = Pt > B2W2 > E >> DP = FRLG = SuMo > ORAS > SwSh > RS >> XY > GSC >>> RBY >>>>> USUM
Jun 14, 1999 (Age: 21)
Leavin' It Alone
Preferred Pronouns
Favorite Generation
Generation V (DS)
Favorite Generation 2 Pokémon
Chikorita / Chicorita
Favorite Alolan Form
Alolan Muk
Favorite Galarian Form
Galarian Stunfisk
Favorite Z-Move
Continental Crush
Favorite Pokémon Type
Favorite Region
Favorite Gym Badge
Opelucid City Legend Badge
Nintendo Network ID
Nintendo 2DS/3DS Friend Code
Nintendo Switch Friend Code
College kid, retired swimmer, aspiring musician. Studies statistics, computer science, history.
PokéCommunity Username


TheCapsFan #3770


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