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  • Well if he's the main villain then he'll be strong as heck and they'll have a hard time defeating him. I actually hate when villains have sad backgrounds. I prefer them to be just plain villains that can't be converted.
    Biology is like... a double-edged sword in my opinion. It can be epic fun and interesting - learning on how life operates, but then again a lot of animals are sacrificed for lab experiments, and the fact that we actually have to kill them to study and learn ;_; Personally, I am not a fan of dissecting, and it makes me feel worse when I see those white rats scrambling around in panic, trying to run away from death ;_;

    Oh XDD I guess I got things mixed up. Wow, so that would mean you basically get to touch a lot of money in that area XDD
    I never said he's like Kuroh, just that I wouldn't compare him to Weismann. They don't look anything alike and his hair was black in my avatar, with or without color.
    Kuroh is my favorite right now, but I do love the silver king and I already did a Kuroh avatar so doing Weismann would be good. Though I wouldn't say he's anything like my current avatar at all.
    23 XDD it seems all the nice boys are at least 5 years younger than me. I'm a biology student.

    You major in business? What do you learn? I've always thought business major people learn things like "how to be a CEO" XDD
    I just noticed your username. What epicness. My first username here in the forums was darkqueen XDD
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