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  • Cool. Lucky you that you already have HG. I STILL don't have one! XP

    I have a sprite shop now! BUt it's currently temporarily closed. XD Pr
    hello i saw a post you made earlier and i was wondering how it is that you are able to RNG pokemon? i know its not hacking..but yet it is? its just taking advantage of the game

    anyways i was wondering if i could learn your ways of this

    thank you for you time!
    Good! got a slight fever but noting to worry about! oh! and to answer your 2nd to the last vm, yes, i do play it! 1 and 2. you?
    ok... THAT is scary stuff! looks even scarier than the zombies in left 4 dead! i thought you were talkin about the red skeletons that threw their heads at you. lol
    hey, I know that game! isn't that supposed to be a sequal to phantom hourglass? me too, i played LttP fist but on an SP. what are ReDeads?
    thats cool! which new zelda game? I've always been a fan of zelda! i just like the idea of a kid killing the crap out of skeletons on a daily basis (i was introduced to zelda when majora's mask was released) lol.
    sorry for the late reply. it was exam week and i REALLY had to study. anyway, one of my bestfriends who moved to australia came today! it was really fun meeting him again! anyway, what have you been doin?
    ... you drew that?... you are now officially my secondary god (God first!) I mean, that's so awesome!!! it really looks like its not drawn by hand or something. you could work for blizzard and draw some art there! just add color lol.
    woah! awesome new avatar and name!!! too bad... but i'm too busy with school for dota or hon... anyways Happy New Year too!
    haha! Windows Live Messenger? sorry man... didn't about till now! maybe I'll get one. Do you have a Yahoo Messenger? hehe
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