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Recent content by TheLetherHed

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    Let's blow shit up

    Hmm maybe Michael Bay has been secretly directing pokemon episodes without our knowing...?
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    Ok if Ash and Co. go to the Battle Frontier?

    Haha yeah you're right. I guess that completely slipped my mind. Hmm well it could be something like Pokemon Battle Frontier: Johto Battles or something to that extent.
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    My Pokemon Rewatch

    Oh I was planning on it, don't worry. ;D Btw, I was planning on updating again tomorrow, but the last two episodes I just watched were just too amazing. Pokemon Paparazzi, I'm sure you all know this ep as being the one that introduced Snap, from Pokemon Snap. Having an homage to the game...
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    Ok if Ash and Co. go to the Battle Frontier?

    Probably just Diamond and Pearl: Battle Frontier. They'll just assume that the addition of D/P to the title will make it unique from the other lol.
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    My Pokemon Rewatch

    I'm going to start updating this thread whenever I finish a few episodes so I can post my feeling for each one. I just finished the Growlithe ep. and wow... Ash with a high-pitched voice really just made this episode for me. I was rolling during this episode, especially Brock at the end when...
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    My Pokemon Rewatch

    Well I understand that I could probably skip the first nine seasons or w/e and just start with d/p. Heck I could just start with one of the current eps. But I just really have an issue with watching tv shows without watching previous seasons/episodes. Take House m.d. for example (great...
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    My Pokemon Rewatch

    Well, just recently I've had a sudden renewed interest in the Pokemon franchise after purchasing Platinum. I wanted to start watching the anime too (the new episodes) but I thought it might be more fun to watch the series from beginning to end (or at the least the current season). I'm excited to...
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    Why do so many people hate gen III?

    Respectfully, those are optional features. IMO GF still kept the main core of pokemon intact with Gen III. But they also smartly added many new features that would appeal to newcomers, or vets that were beginning to bore of the same-old-same-old. And we should look at it through the...
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    What are the chances of Kanto being in Generation 5?

    I'm not so sure about a r/s/e remake. Not everything has to work in a pattern (this is assuming GF has the balls to do something new and original instead of following a formula). What I do think could happen is they might find some way to reincorporate Hoenn into the new Gen V games, such as...
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    Kanto: The Major Changes

    Well, to me at least, the reason I would want, say, an expanded Mt. Moon or access to the Sevii Islands, would be just for the purpose of something NEW. I don't want to just play an updated GSC, I would like there to be new areas, new plots, explained this or that. Much like the Sevii...
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    Just wanted to say thanks again for the help :)

    Just wanted to say thanks again for the help :)
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    What are the chances of Kanto being in Generation 5?

    Honestly I would love it if any of the old regions were somehow included in the Gen V game. Like maybe after you beat the game, all of a sudden you are invited to participate in the kanto league as well. Kinda like what they did in GSC, but I'm hoping they could just keep it a secret and no...
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    Trade Coordination Thread

    I'm just looking for someone kind enough to loan me a few minutes to help me evolve my Haunter into a Gengar. PM if you'd be willing to help out. FC: 5156-1905-9895