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  • I understand if you're busy but if you can spare the time, please let me know. I really could use the help.
    Ahhhh I see. That's awesome. xD
    I must confess I don't know much about katana, or swords in general, despite loving their designs. I know more about knives and stuff... but even then I don't know a lot U wU;;
    Ohhh wow ow o
    Guess the ones I saw were probably fakes. xD I do have a friend though who got a katana from Japan (imported) for his 17th or 18th, which was about £2000 or so, which looks legit.
    Ahhh x3

    Awh that sucks xD I've seen Katana being sold here for like, £300 and I always imagined they wouldn't be much cheaper in Japan, guess I was right q _q;; But it's cool you got to go to Japan o wo
    Ahhh, I see. |D Nice cosplay choices. xD
    Mm, I know what Yukata and Zori were, but I've not heard of a Shinai before.
    Ahhh, ever been a cosplayer? |D
    I go every May and October, never skipped one since I start. It's like, the only con I can get to ahah;;
    Say, did you get my PMs? You don't have to reply right now but your opinions would be much appreciated if you could do so when you can.
    I see now xD

    So can you give it a read :)

    also have you watched any new anime?
    Yep, I've cosplayed Hazama several times x3 and Kazuma from the BlazBlue Phase Shift novels.
    Ahhhh I see~ |D awesome. I'm part of a circle of friends who're all just massive Hazama fangirls (I even own a forum based around him... xD; ).
    Just wanted to tell you since you helped me out before :)

    Congrats, you gonna party or did you do that already.
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