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  • I've been good, I've been studying a little more lately. Also I post the first chapter of Going Rogue a few days ago.

    And you?
    Well that's good :)

    And thanks, I hope things go right today xD

    I'm doing it for the good of the story, I feel like if I do the non Pokemon version it would end up having a lot of cliche aspects, plus there's something at a later point in the story that will only be great if it's done in the Pokemon version.
    I know xD but still you know you always have that feeling of wanting to win the whole thing.
    Well more or less, I hope I pass xD

    Yeah but stillx D I lost twice in a row so I feel a little sad you know.
    I just finished my exams for this more, though I'm still tryint to recover from my coughs.

    And I lost the awards xD I lost best alternative by 4 points and best overall protagonist by one point, though I still have the best protagonist in the alternative category at least
    I planned to write one but I never got around to it, I was going to write a character summary and an arc summary, I only wrote the summaries for the first two story arcs I think.
    are you serious xD well I won't give you a summary xD unless you want to, but I'm too lazy to write it sadly.
    Oh, I wrote things wrong. What I meant to say was that can you actually do that, like your story can easily be comprised without having to be read completely.
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