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Recent content by Themandme

  1. T

    Shiny Dialga event (and Palkia/Giratina)

    i have a shiny dialga and i can get you a shiny palikia and giritina later
  2. T

    Seeking some Gen III and IV legendaries

    i have palkia
  3. T

    Shiny Starters or Legends

    i hve snivy and torchick
  4. T

    need snivy

    i have one
  5. T


    i have one
  6. T

    I Need Some Berries and Items!

    um can i stiil trade i still want groundon
  7. T

    Wanted: Thundurus, Tornadus, or Landorus

    i want blazikin pokerus my code is 1163 8190 6890
  8. T

    I Need Some Berries and Items!

    um can i still trade you there you have my code righit
  9. T

    I Need Some Berries and Items!

    are you ready
  10. T

    I Need Some Berries and Items!

  11. T

    I Need Some Berries and Items!

    im ready to trade does it have to have a good pokemon ready
  12. T

    level 100

    need help with red also kyogore from heartgold would be nice
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  14. T


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    how about we make it a level 100 battle