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  • Hey, been a while since I saw you around. What's going on?
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    Not much, art became relevant again in URPG so I was like "eh what the hell". How're you? Good to see ya again :3
    Ah, I see! What exactly...is...the URPG, if you don't mind me asking.? :p

    I'm pretty good! We just got slammed with about 2 1/2 feet of snow, so that's fun. Good to see you too! :D
    Oh it's one of the big scale games on BMG. It's pretty fun, check it out!
    Heyo, iunno if you logged off before you saw (and I presume you won't be scrolling through battle logs or anything), but I just wanted to say that you are literally a goddess for staying up so late to get things done. Hope you had a great vacation, gg, and good luck at work because I think you mentioned having a bunch of it starting tomorrow? (now that I consider, tomorrow is Friday for me but I think you'll be waking up on Thursday morning, in which case whelp) Anyway, thanks a bundle! ^^
    Er, I'm actually fifteen hours ahead of you, but that works out so the hours are at least like you're nine hours ahead of me except it's Thursday for me and Wednesday for you. If that doesn't make sense, just ignore what in saying and think mine hours ahead lol. (I'm somewhere in Asia, nearish to Monbrey's time, if that helps). I have (my) afternoons free but not before that (which are I think your late nights, so that's probably not an option cause you just said so xD), but I could try to wake up super early or something instead?
    Ohshi, can't tell from your phrasing but if you've been asking over PWN, I don't think I've used there for like five months. D: I've been asking around on AIM, and it seems I have a fifteen hour lead on you in terms of time zones (or it's like you're nine hours ahead, except yesterday), but I have issues finding internet in the mornings due to work/vacation-related things. Should we just try to schedule something before we get disqualified?
    Heads up, I was floundering around with the new like function and randomly liked your post and sorry for the extra notification. XD apparently I can't undo it, so accept my literally eternal gratitude?

    Oh, and PS, hit me up for a devolution tourney battle. I think I'm in GMT+8 right now, which is going to make scheduling kind of awful, but I can work with weird hours if that helps?
    I hate to be the guy who does this but I was wondering if there was any progress on my art I posted on PXR? I'm not sure how long to leave these things, but I think it's been 4 weeks or s/t so I was just checking up :eek:
    Not trying to rush, but I was just letting you know that, now that the holidays are done and I don't expect too many lengthy hiatus on my end, I'd like to resume with the RP.
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