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Jan 9, 2012
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    1. That Guy
      That Guy
      Random update: another person has auditioned, this time for the role of Gavin.

      Also, an incredibly thorough one for Max, Glenn, Gavin, Dane and Keith.
    2. That Guy
      That Guy
      Okay. My schedule's going to be fairly weird over the next few weeks, what with exams, plus a random trip to the Asian side of Turkey in June, and a brief holiday to Gibraltar in August, but I'm more or less completely free over the next week-and-a-half or so (that is, this week and about half of next week; my exams finish on the 12th, if that helps at all). I'll have Skype open pretty much all of that time, so if/when you and/or Alex are available, just call, and everything will be yes.

      And if it's any consolation, I'll be moving, too (not until September, but still), what with university and stuff, and I just happened to wind up getting into a university that's literally on the other end of the country from where I live now. Coming home for any holidays is going to be a nuisance, I'm sure.
    3. That Guy
      That Guy
      As I always say: don't worry about it. Easier said than done, I know.

      I have literally no excuse for not having done mine yet, and I finished college for the year last Friday. I'm making a particularly big push to get a bunch of videos I had planned out by the end of this week, so, hopefully, my audition should be one of them.

      By the way, when next will you be available for Skype? Alex and I have been considering the possibility of the three of us playing a round or two of Cards Against Humanity during our next call.
    4. That Guy
      That Guy
      We've had another auditionee-- coincidentally, the boyfriend of our first applicant, auditioning for no less than 5 separate roles.

      (EDIT: And a third one since the one I just reported, this time just for Max. I don't know what you had in mind for him, but this particular auditionee does, in my humble opinion, sound quite a bit like how I imagined Max to sound.)
    5. That Guy
      That Guy
      Haha. Okay, let's do the thing, then.
    6. That Guy
      That Guy
      Me too; I was rather afraid that this voice-acting thing wouldn't get any attention because nobody would care about it, but, in reality, besides the three of us, there's the one who's already auditioned, plus her boyfriend, and two further people who've commented on the casting-call video to say they're interested, and someone messaged me here about it, too. So that's eight, altogether, so far.

      If I'm estimating correctly, that's about 4pm to 7 or 8pm where I am. That sounds about right. But I'm free more or less all day, so whatever works for you, works for me.
    7. That Guy
      That Guy
      Don't worry; I appreciate that you've got your own stuff that needs doing. And thanks; I wanted to promote your stuff, but it wouldn't have felt right to just use it without asking. I saw the post about the thing happening between dA and Hot Topic, and it felt like I'd be doing pretty much the same thing if I didn't ask first.

      Her audition (for the roles of Jenny and three minor characters; Melody, the Lilligant from Emerald Village, and Ramón's mother) is here (but it's an unlisted video). She told me her boyfriend intends to audition for Max, Glenn, Gavin and Getxo over the weekend, too.
      And the Tumblr-based signal-boost is very much appreciated.

      Also, would you happen to be free to Skype tomorrow? I haven't Skyped Alex yet this week, so that's probably going to be a thing tomorrow, and you haven't been able to join us for a while.
    8. That Guy
      That Guy
      Random question, which you can answer at your leisure: may I use this composition of yours in one of my videos? I'm fairly sure you wouldn't mind, but I wanted to be absolutely certain.

      Also, I finally uploaded the voice-acting casting-call video, and we've had three people respond to it already, and one of them has already sent her "audition-tape".
    9. That Guy
      That Guy
      Don't worry about it; we understand completely. I'm ready when you are (though I'm not sure what's going on with Alex right now).
    10. Alex64
      Hey, you available for Skype-ing today?
    11. That Guy
      That Guy
      Okay, then.

      Well, if you want to get lexical about it, you could just call "foreshadowed something by mistake" an extended complement, which was done "accidentally"...but I prefer mistakeception.
      I've been spending way too much time looking at the Tumblr posts of others.
    12. That Guy
      That Guy
      I don't, really, although a random thought just now suggested to me that, upon his evolution, he might be slightly more willing to let his past go, and just completely forget about it. It's a bit of a cop-out, but it's your call.

      Okay, don't worry about it. I'll let Alex know.

      One other thing that I noticed, and meant to bring up earlier: I accidentally did the thing where I foreshadowed something by mistake.
      From this post:

      The father Raichu [Tom's adoptive father] thought to himself for a moment.
      "Well, if that ever changes [if they ever do need help from them], you know where to find us."
      And then they actually did come back to that specific family for assistance a good 120 pages later or so. I don't even.
    13. That Guy
      That Guy
      If you ask me, I'd wait until the end (or near the end) of the Emerald/Onyx arc (since I'm presuming that A) it's just one arc of many, and B) it's beginning to draw to a close, though Getxo itself is still at large), perhaps due to finally coming to trust Jenny, Jacob, Derek and Roza completely. Or make his backstory its own arc; once they're done with the warring villages, they could easily deviate into helping him find closure with his past.

      Yeah, adjusting their outlook to one that's not necessarily more mature, but certainly adjusted, and perhaps better-informed, but without changing their character too drastically.
      Also bright orange fireworks of energy or whatever when the time actually comes, now that I'm thinking about parallels between the two processes.
    14. That Guy
      That Guy
      That's what I was thinking.

      Don't worry; I understand that the weather's been being difficult as of late, so I can understand completely. Plus, you still post more frequently than Alex does nowadays. But regarding the actual plot, don't worry; if ever you doubt yourself, remember: we made up the entire plot- the entire political conflict between Emerald and Onyx, the entire relationship between Jeden, Eradu and San, the entire everything completely on the fly, and that's something we can be proud of. Of course, I still look forward to seeing where you take Max, as a character. Something tells me that, if he were to evolve, that would be a significant point in the plot, but that may not be for a long time. I don't know what you have planned.
      (But one thing that crossed my mind was evolution in general; I've portrayed it in different ways throughout the years I've RP'd, and this time, unless you particularly disapprove, I was going to depict it as they depict regeneration in the more recent series of Doctor Who.)
    15. That Guy
      That Guy
      Yay! I'm glad; I do enjoy these conversations of ours. For some reason, it makes it much easier to talk about our work than it might otherwise be. I don't know why that might be.
      (Incidentally, I'm not being too domineering with Island Life, am I?)
    16. That Guy
      That Guy
      Don't worry; we had to end shortly thereafter anyway because dinner was a thing. Will you be available again next week?
    17. That Guy
      That Guy
      Okay; now I have no excuse for worrying.
    18. That Guy
      That Guy
      Okay; if Alex will, I will. As long as you don't feel left out.
    19. That Guy
      That Guy
      You must be. Any luck with the 3DS?
      Okay. Just waiting for Alex, now.
    20. That Guy
      That Guy
      My goodness, your timing is impeccable.
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