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  • Well... Mt. Silver was going to feature prominently later in the plot as a major base for the TROJANs, buried deep beneath the earth. Kyle can find the TROJANs in the process of constructing the base; then Delta Team can move in and sabotage them.
    Whoops, overlooked most of those; I was focused on only the main regions when I typed up the thread. Thanks to you, I'll definitely add the Sevii Islands and the Battle Zone. However, I haven't played the Ranger games, so I'm still leaving out of Almia; it wouldn't do to have the GM know nothing about one of his locations.
    Thanks for the compliment ^.^ ; I try my best, since writing's never been one of my strong skills.

    My freshman history teacher loved Rome, so we covered it the most; I decided to finally apply some of what I learned xD. Too bad my characters don't really match up to their namesakes...
    Sorry to bother you, but would you mind if I take control of your character in Agents on occasion? Ombrare's been waiting for you in the RP; the mission is really dragging on.
    I'm kind of liking the lots of missions going on at once; it captures the essence of my idea. It's not just a simple, straightforward battle, but a whole colossal mess of plans, actions, and reactions. No one really knows what's going on, except perhaps Aeneas and maybe Achilles.

    Of course, if it gets so complicated no one knows what's going on, I'll probably end up splitting the thread.
    Good to hear.

    Hey, I'd like to know: would you be interested in doing a Private RP with me? I think I may have an idea that we could use, although I'd like to know if you'd hear me out before I start my spiel.
    Very much so. This is gonna be a good one, that's for sure.

    By the way, how are you liking my two characters for said RP? I made 'em up on the fly, so some feedback would be nice.
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