• Snowy arrives in Motostoke and signs up to participate in the Gym Challenge. Watch here as Snowy encounters some rather noisy individuals in a hotel lobby.
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  • By the way, I've been watching season 4, Johto League Champions on Boomerang. These are great episodes!! I forgot how much I liked this season. Haven't seen it since it originally aired on KidsWB, and it feels awesome to see these episodes again. ^_^

    I thought it was weird how, after they premiered season 4 on Saturdays when it was new, KidsWB never reaired that season on the weekdays. I mean, they reaired all their previous seasons during the weekday afternoon timeslot, but they didn't do this with Johto League Champions. I always thought that was strange. =O
    And yeah, I also think Sarah is doing a really good job in the Black and White episodes. She's way better now than she was during the D/P series. I can tell, because I've been enjoying the BW episodes more (not as much as the 4Kids dubbed episodes, but still, I'm enjoying them more than D/P).

    And hehe, yeah, I agree. They really SHOULD redub Battle Frontier. Quite frankly, I'm surprised they even went through the trouble of redubbing Mastermind. TPCi doesn't seem to acknowledge the fans much nowadays... Anyway, it seems TPCi doesn't realize just how BAD the voice acting was during Battle Frontier, where Sarah's Ash is concerned at least.

    Of course, if they were gonna redub any of the TPCi seasons, I'd want them to bring back Veronica, just because she is the original Ash. X3 But if they don't want to try for Veronica at all (which seems to be the case), I would certainly settle for Improved-Sarah over Terrible-Sarah any day. XD
    Yeah, Sarah was HORRIBLE as Ash back in Battle Frontier. Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed how bad her acting was. =P

    Sometimes I wonder, IF they had kept Kayzie Rogers, if she had done a better job than Sarah Natochenny at voicing Ash (during Battle Frontier). I mean, I know Kayzie was god-awful in the Mastermind special, but that could've been because the production of that special was so rushed. Apparently, at some point in season 10, there was a random boy who Kayzie Rogers voiced, and he sounded quite similar to Veronica's Ash. This is exactly what makes me wonder, what if they had kept Kayzie. =)

    And aww, I'm glad to know you'll always prefer Veronica as Ash. Yeah, she brought him to life with so much energy, and she truly became Ash Ketchum. No one can become Ash the way Veronica did. I bet that's why Sarah sounds nothing like Veronica, because the original Ash voice is so difficult to imitate. It's very unique. ^^
    Nice collection.=)

    There's quite alot there.

    Come to think of it I'll have to update my collection pictures again in my album when I get time in the future. I'm kind of waiting till season 12 part 2 and movie 13 get a release. I wish they'd announce a date for movie 13 however.=/

    I hope to see the early movies rereleased aswell. As they get older they seem to be phasing out bit by bit. I got movie 1-3 DVD's when I noticed years ago they were starting to disappear. Same with Mewtwo returns.

    If you ever get the Miramax releases, movie 4 is widescreen at the very least. Just a pity it was missing the mini movie in Australia. Though it still had other extras so for the price it is now it's not too bad. It was one of the more decent Australian miramax releases.

    I would love to see a rerelease on alot of the early movies in better quality however.
    They're cropped to fullscreen from what I can gather going by how my computer plays them.

    I'm not too bothered aslong as I can watch them over and over however. They're good episodes anyway so aslong as I enjoy them I'm fine. It is a pity though.

    I'm actually hoping for a bluray release. The HD will never be taken to full advantage unless it's on a bluray disc. More room thus not as much compression and in proper HD.

    However the chance of this is even smaller. Not even japan has bothered putting Pokemon on bluray.^-^;;;;;
    It's really just wishful thinking at this point.
    True. Though, I think the voice acing and music are both factors in determining the overall quality of the dub itself. But it mostly depends on why you watch Pokemon. =)

    And yeah, I've heard of Dinosaur King. I don't watch the show either (because I don't like how it's SO similar to Pokemon). But like you, I have seen small bits and parts of it, lol. I think it's a nice show, but I just don't like how 4Kids is marketing it, as if it IS Pokemon. And that's exactly why I can't watch it, because Dinosaur King to me, is what the TPCi dub of Pokemon *could* have been, if they had kept the original voice actors.
    But, despite it being 5 years since the VA change, I still want Veronica Taylor back (especially since she has stated herself that she wants to return, and that makes me even more upset). And while most fans have forgiven Pokemon USA for what they did to the original VAs, I cannot forgive the company for that, because it was wrong. So, I will continue to protest the VA change, until I get answers from the company and they finally give Veronica an opportunity to work on the show (and by opportunity, I mean give her a role, ANY role on the show - it doesn't have to be Ash, although that would be awesome).

    I hope this clears things up for you. =)
    Haha, yeah. I'm glad it made you laugh. XD

    I actually threw that in there as a joke to all the "purist" anime fans who watch the Japanese version, and then criticize the 4Kids dub for every silly change that was made to the show. =P

    The only thing I criticize the dub for, is the voice acting. Because I feel the VA change that happened in 2006 was unnecessary and unjustified (Pokemon USA blames the VAs for it, saying it was their contracts, but that makes no sense considering the company owns the show - they're the ones who control everything, not the VAs).

    As for boycotting, I wouldn't exactly call it boycotting. LOL, I'm probably one of the few dub fans who won't be watching the Pokemon Black and White dub. From what I've seen, most fans are satisfied with the quality of voice acting in the show (again making it ridiculous that the VA ban is still in place here)...
    Wow, that's awesome!! ^_^

    I love how you organized your DVDs. =D

    OMG, I love how Ash is on the cover of all the boxes (except for Johto League Champions). x3

    Whoever distributes your DVDs is way better than Viz Media, lol. You guys are so lucky. You get awesome DVD covers, and every season is released too. <3
    What amuses me is how people used to cling to the belief that Misty would come back to the series.
    The old speculation was hilarious. Try reading some threads from the tail-end of Hoenn (before BF), with people speculating Misty would replace Max or Brock on the group for the BF, since she appeared at Pallet.

    Or how most thought Brock was replaced by Paul.
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