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  • LOL, wow that's old!xD
    I do, but I cant help ya there. I'm one of the people who doesn't really have wifi, we sorta piggy back off of someone's unlocked network sometimes!=_=
    But keep asking around, there ares lots of people here who do those things.
    Well, in a way, even if I don't like it. She knows I would've given her anything she wanted but if she wants to pass that up, it's not my problem.

    And yep, I'm keeping that attitude. This is something I wanted for far too long and it's going to happen no matter what.
    It's okay, it's her loss anyway.

    And yep, that's pretty much what I use Facebook for. It's kinda hard now with the holidays here but I'm still working on this and nothing is going to stop me.
    Of course I did, I always remember my good friends. :)

    And well, I think my chance with Lisa is gone now. Some bad shit went down last week so...yeah....

    But I have been exercising a lot and I am happy about that. I benefitted from it a lot this year. My back problems are almost all gone. I've reversed my weight as far as five years. I can even wear my winter jacket now that wouldn't fit at all at the beginning of the year. So it has been a great year in that aspect. :)
    Of course I remembered who you were. :)

    Anyway, I've been getting ready for the holidays and working on a few personal projects which seems to take all my time these days. But I've been really sad since last week, I don't think I'm going to have a good holiday this year to be honest.
    Not yet. I was cruising around the country last week tho- Great xD Tarnovo, Rila Monasetry, the Balkan. U?
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