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  • Well, you should fix that. Battle, contest, ref, etc., whatever you have to. One of them already has an interested Seppe who will get it if you're not careful...
    Cool~ We'll just try to catch each other online, I guess, but I'm usually online in the afternoons and evenings EST. ;3
    Awesome!! I forget what timezone you're in, but does this Sunday work for you? I think I'm pretty free that day, so it should work out.
    Hey! Since you got Oreburgh, you should let me challenge some time! Whenever you're ready, of course, but I just want to go ahead and open up a discussion with you now before you get bombarded with challenges. :p
    So, I accidentally underpaid you in the log for those Mudkip vs Duskull basics with Xali. I put down 2.5k, but you actually got 3.5k.
    Don't forget to send for turn 1 of the forum FFA or else you won't count as being in it! You have roughly 24 hours.
    We will be battling this round, so we should try and set up a time just in case random AIM meetings don't work out. If a random AIM meeting works of course that's fine too.
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