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Recent content by Titania

  1. Titania

    Spoilers Galar Regional Variants aka Galarian Forms

    At this point I kinda had make peace with the possible fact that Slowking is going to to be the only Galarian form in Crown Tundra :/
  2. Titania

    What will happen right after the Isle or Armor and the Crown Tundra original release?

    Although most people seem to wish for gen 4 remake, I'm not really sure that it'll gonna happen. Instead, they might doing some kind of reboot which they seem like doing nowadays for some reason. I wish I'm wrong though. Whatever it is, I just hope they don't rush gen 9.
  3. Titania

    SwSh What are You Excited for in the SwSh Expansion Packs (Isle of Armor & The Crown Tundra)

    I'm excited for the potential of new Galarian Forms. Hopefully Carnivine/Glameow/Finneon lines got one because Gen 4 has no representation currently. (And more from gen 2-3 also won't hurt)
  4. Titania

    Pokemon Home

    AFAIK, no. I've tried to trade Zeraora & Marshadow and I can't.
  5. Titania

    Pokemon Home

    I believe I didn't found this in FAQs, so I want to ask it here. Does anybody know what happen with the Pokemon we stored in slot 31-6000 if we don't renew our subscription? Will they be just gone, or locked until we renew the subscription? If they'll be locked, will they'll be locked as long as...
  6. Titania

    Pokemon Home

    My only complaint for the "lite" version is that it can only hold 30 Pokemon. That is way to small. I was hoping for 100-150 or ideally half of the amount of Sw/Sh storage.
  7. Titania

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    I hope there'll be at least 5-8 lines getting Galarian Form, but realistically speaking, I'm gonna say 1-3 more. New non-legendary seems pretty unlikely, but I'd like to be pleasantly surprised.
  8. Titania

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    For what it's worth, if this expansion pass is anything like Xenoblade Chronicles 2's expansion pass (having content that has 20-30 hours of gameplay on top of the actual game expansion and extra items), then for me, it's going to be a money well spent.
  9. Titania

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    I'm curious about the new Regis and Bird Trio. Are they gonna be Galarian Forms, Gigantamax or a whole new thing. (Altho if it's Gmax there should be the cloudy thing above their heads)
  10. Titania

    Spoilers Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gen VIII)

    Does Max Raid with shining Pokemon icon and orange background has better chance of the encountered Pokemon to have better IV and/or HA? Or is it just yield better reward after defeating it?
  11. Titania

    Spoilers Gen8 fossil discussion thread

    Despite many people seem to dislike it, I actually love the concept and design of the Franken-Fossils. (Arctozolt is just too adorable, I can't.) I know GF will likely ditch the Franken-Fossils concept in the next gen, but I'm still hoping they won't or create something similar. Although I do...
  12. Titania

    Uniform number

    Yeah, AFAIK, in goroawase, the number can be read as english (wan, tsu, suri, fo, etc.), and can be arranged into English words (At least that's the case for Opal and Bede, as their uniform number says cute and clever, respectively.)
  13. Titania


    (I know I might be biased, but...) I really like Opal's artwork. It gives that wicked-witch-from-fairytales vibe which I really dig. Totally agree with this. Previous gym leaders (and trial captain) are always looks like below 20s with only 1-2 token older people. (trial captains are all...
  14. Titania

    Uniform number

    I think 492 can be read as fox (fokusu), if you don't mind. Just realized that Opal's 910 is read as kyuto which means cute, so I think english word can be used too if it fits.
  15. Titania

    Uniform number

    That's a great idea. :bulbaWave: Given I don't know Japanese I guess I'll eventually use the national dex number of my favorite pokemon too. Except I have more than 1, so I can't decide immediately o_O