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Recent content by Tnev

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    What kind of features do you want to see?

    Does anyone else dislike the safari zone as much as me? I'm all for the game offering an alternative to the catching formula we all use so often (i.e. false swipe -> false swipe -> hypnosis -> capture) but can it be less annoying than having a pokemon you really want flee most of the time upon...
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    Jirachi to be distributed by Australian Toys "R" Us stores: Event runs June 3 to 13

    Re: Jirachi to be distributed by Australian Toys "R" Us stores: Event runs June 3 to I'll clone this Jirachi for any Canadian who requests a copy.... New Zealanders on the other hand *pleh*
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    what don't you like about hg/ss?

    The only thing I didn't like about the original G/S, and still doesn't appear to have been changed in HG/SS, is that the levels of Pokemon in the Kanto gyms are so average. They should at least provide somewhat of a challenge. I remember it taking me however many hours to get through the Johto...
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    Simple Questions, Simple (Or Not) Answers

    Forgive me if this has been covered again and again, but can anyone clarify which pokemon aren't available in Diamond/Pearl when one has access to say, Fire Red and Ruby.... So far I've noticed Shuckle is only available while using Emerald or something.... and Mew doesn't seem to be available...