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  • Hello there~ I just wonder when we get chance to trade with each other, we life in such different time zones..^__^;
    Yeah, good idea. :( I'll probably just hang out in the Wifi room for the rest of the night, and intermittently tomorrow, so, anytime you are free, I'll be there. Thanks again, by the way.
    Oh yeah, I totally forgot! My sister has been messing around with my Pearl, and with her disorganisation the game might take a while to find. I promise though, I'm onto it. My days are pretty jam-packed as it is, however. I might not always be free.
    Oh no, you earned them. :D Do enjoy the pokemon, and thanks again. Oh, and my friend was certainly very happy when he received the shinies.
    Yes, thank you! I'm sorry there were so many to clone. I'm sure my friend will be really happy now. :D Also I do hope you kept a clone of each for yourself. :3
    Yeah, that's fine. I wasn't on much at all yesterday anyway, so no worries. :) kk, I'll meet you online. If you can't clone the victini then it's okie. I can just ask my friend who traded it to me how he cloned it. ^^
    Thank you so much. I can wait until it's all done. :3 I'm not sure what time you get on, but I usually get on fairly early in the day. :D I did try to get on this site through the wii, but for some weird reason it wouldn't load right.
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